Wild Winds Clutter Clear

Loving wild winds – great for clearing a load of mental and emotional clutter quickly. Ever tried it?

Next time it is a wild, windy, gusting, temperamental day, step outside…

Take a few deep breaths, clear the stale air out of your system and fill your lungs with fresh air. Whirl around, dance, go for a run, even just walk fast, but turn around, change direction. Get moving and enjoy it!

Now, think about worries, stresses, problems, annoyances – let the wind catch hold of them and whisk them away. As you turn, feel them unravel out of your body, mind and spirit.

Fill your inner spaces with light and positive energies, spiralling in with each in-breath.

Dash back inside after anything from a minute to as long as you like, need and still feels good. Get warm, feel that inner glow. Notice the extra space you have inside.

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