Why has it taken so long?

Why has it taken so long to take the Christmas lights down?

The local towns, villages and even the city have been very slow to take down the Christmas lights this year – they were still up in February! Why is this? Perhaps it is lack of funding, or lack of staff to get to this job in an overload of other jobs. There could be any number of ‘good reasons’ for this lapse.

Meanwhile it creates a bad impression, the lights are out of season, their time has gone, they are outdated and irrelevant. If the local council is not just going to leave them up until next Christmas, someone will eventually have to take them down and in this case, why not do it sooner?

Many people let things slide, because they are busy or can’t be bothered, or whatever the rationale may be. Time goes by and soon it is too late – the negative consequences of leaving things have happened and you are suffering the consequences. Perhaps you are someone who doesn’t do anything about it until things reach a threshold where the negative effects have become ‘too bad’, or at least bad enough to spur you into action to tackle the problem and make a change.

If you recognise this tendency in yourself, wouldn’t it be better to rethink this and get it done sooner?