Where is a superhero when you need one?

Where is a superhero when you need one?

Sometimes it helps to talk things over or to get someone else’s advice, but after you’ve done this, what next?

Eventually decisions must be made and action taken and, guess what? At this point it is down to you. No one else can do it for you.

Yes, it is scary. Yes, you may still be afflicted with doubts, guilt and fears. Yes, it will involve change, upheaval, challenges, losses – but also gains and eventual strength of character and peace of mind.

You could procrastinate again; you could wait until things get so bad that there is no alternative but to take action. Worse you could wait until it is too late, the matter is decided for you and the consequences are final.

Ask for support, ask for spiritual guidance and strength, but face your fears and take action. You must.

Do it for your Self, and may all the strength you need be with you.