When you need help, who you gonna call? Seriously

Ghostbusters or spirit guides?

When you want some real help, practical guidance and answers, you need to know

a) the advice is sound and
b) the advisor has your best interests at heart.

Like the ghostly spirit in the image, family and friends may shout ‘no, stop!’ to keep you safe, but when it comes to recommending what’s best for you to do and why, their advice may be all over the place. You may feel as if you’re just wandering aimlessly in the fog.

Well, here’s a thought:

What if the best guide you could ever have is somewhere inside yourself – part of you?

The wise, spiritual, positive part, I mean, that has your best interests at heart and knows both the big picture of your life and the important details.

If you could just learn how to see, hear or feel the subtle ways this part of you is using to communicate, imagine how useful that would be.

Don’t agree or disagree – save yourself the effort and find out for yourself:

  • Make space, every day, whenever you think of it, whenever you need it:
  • Ask a question and wait for an answer; it may come straight away, as an image, a thought or a feeling, or it may come later the same day, or the next day:
  • Just pay attention, notice it and act on it.

Test it for the rest of January and when you get to the Blue Moon, evaluate the results.

The Blue Moon is on 31st January 2018. The results are just as definite.

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