What to do when you’re under pressure to make the right choice, right now

You’re under pressure to make a big decision about your life and the clock is ticking, what do you do?

Maybe it is which subjects to study, which job to apply for, where to live, who to choose for a long term relationship, maybe who to have children with. Life seems to be a series of big decisions, starting right from school, with pressure to make the right choices and a deadline to make them by. This is all without the complications of other people urging you to make the choices they think are right, even when these may not actually be right for you.

What do you do?

First of all, take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders. Continue to slow and deepen your breaths and to consciously relax any tensions from your muscles and body.

Now. Read this list and think about it:

1. This is your life. You have to live it.
2. The world will not actually fall apart if you do not make this decision right now.
3. There are many ways of living life and many good reasons for making those choices. You just need the ways that will suit you.
4. It’s okay to not know what those ways are yet.
5. You are allowed to explore before making your mind up.
6. You are allowed to take your time or take a time out.
7. People may be upset by the choices you make, but 99.99% of the time neither they nor you will die of it – though there’s a high chance you’ll make yourself ill if you follow someone else’s plan for your life and it’s not right for you.

What is the meaning of life? What are you here on this planet to do?

Here’s what I think. Consider this:

You are here to be the uniquely individual person that only you can be.
Yes, even amongst billions. You may have to discover who you are and make that up as you go along, but that’s life.

It’s your adventure.