What keeps you going through hard times?

Who or what keeps you going when times are hard?

Spiritual beliefs?
Places (that calm, relax, sustain or energise you when you visit them)
Activities you do (that calm, relax, sustain or energise you)

Quickly write down your own list and keep it with you for several days or as long as is useful, adding to it as you think of more. You can be specific or general, you can reorder them, if that seems useful. You can remove list items if, on reflection they don’t fit there after all. If you don’t like lists, make a mind map, draw or paint your items. Collect pictures or photos of them. Do whatever works best for you.

Keep your list private, or share it with someone close if you wish – you may both find other things to add to your personal lists.

Now you have this Go To List of your positive resources – make sure you use it whenever you need some extra help. When times are good – be ready for action – you may be the go to person on someone else’s list!