Welcome to Earth 2020: The Evolution Game

Make friends, explore relationships, experience multi-faceted love, and discover what works in this playground as you play Earth 2020: The Evolution Game.

Welcome to our virtual Theme Park: a beautiful blue green place called Planet Earth. Your role is ‘human’ and you have been provided with a compatible human body, personality and a range of talents and interests to discover and explore. You will find Earth populated by fellow humans and other beautiful and interesting life forms.

Rules of the game are that you are allowed to freely explore, play and engage, as long as you avoid harming other players. You are allowed to add value, contribute to the game, or benefit any of the other players as much as you want.

Your mission is to find the best balance of relationships, interests and activities for your player (yourself). The goal of the game is to keep as relaxed, happy and healthy as possible for as much of your game time as possible.

You are awarded Eternity points for the amount of happiness time you achieve during your game. Eternity points are cashed in when you reach the end of this game and entitle you to extra bliss when you move on to your next game.

You get extra points for:

• Living to a “ripe old age”, keeping your physical vehicle in a fit and healthy condition.
• Being happy more than 70% of the time.
• Making others happy / creating possibilities and benefits for fellow players.

Most board games are about winning by defeating other players. This new game “Earth 2020: The Evolution Game” is about winning by helping others.

If aiming for the top is too much pressure and dropping out of the system is unappealing – you need a different model of life – discover Earth 2020: The Evolution Game, NOW! 🙂

Don’t settle for anything less – live a life worth living!

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