Temple of the Crystal Lattice

Allow about 20 to 30 minutes for this meditation and ensure that you will not be disturbed during this time. Allow some extra time to make notes about your experience.

Choose 5 different coloured crystals of a similar size; they can be tumbled or polished stones, rough stones or a mixture.

Also choose a clear quartz crystal, rock quartz or Herkimer diamond to go above your crown chakra and a black or dark brown stone to go below your feet for grounding. Lay these in place wherever you will be lying down for this healing session: on the floor, on a couch or bed.

Choose one of the 5 stones to represent how you feel, your identity at the present time. You will be placing this on your solar plexus chakra.

Lay 2 of the stones you chose on one side of your body, around shoulder level and hip level. Lay the other 2 stones on the other side of your body, also around shoulder level and hip level.

Lie down on your back, face upwards, in the space you have left between the stones and place the 5th stone you previously selected for this, on your solar plexus chakra or wherever feels comfortable around your middle. You can rest your hands over the top of this stone, or by your sides

Close your eyes and relax. Breathe slowly and deeply, comfortable. Feel waves of relaxing energy moving up and down your body, with each breath.

Breathe out any tensions or stresses and breathe in calmness and relaxation.
Do this for a while, until you feel relaxed. If you want to think about something, simply imagine yourself in a beautiful relaxing place. Otherwise simply let your mind rest clear and still.

With your eyes still closed, sense the energies of the crystals around you. Imagine each one beaming its own light. Soon the light beam from each crystal shoots up and over your body, connecting with the crystal on the opposite side. You see, feel or perhaps hear how the different colours and sounds of the stones meet and intermingle with other-worldly beauty.

The energies join at your centre, where your chosen self-stone rests.

You lie within a cocoon of crystal energies.

Rest your body ~ hold this visualisation and sensing ~ allow what comes to come. You may see visions, feel sensations of energy moving, hear messages or simply continue to deeply relax. You will know when it is time to come back.

Allow yourself time to come back to eyes open, wide awake consciousness; gather up your stones and make notes to remember your experience. You may want to refer to this later, as these energies continue to affect you and other interesting things may result over the next few days.

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