Feeling stuck – this life hack will set you free

A powerful secret life hack emerged from my years of experience in helping, coaching, mentoring and teaching and I would like to share it with you: I gradually realised that whatever a person came for, therapeutic or life expanding, one thing would Continue Reading →

Welcome to Earth 2020: The Evolution Game

Make friends, explore relationships, experience multi-faceted love, and discover what works in this playground as you play Earth 2020: The Evolution Game. Welcome to our virtual Theme Park: a beautiful blue green place called Planet Earth. Your role is ‘human’ and you Continue Reading →

Is it time to have a “mid-life crisis”?

Read on to decide and if it is time for a crisis, mid-life or otherwise, embrace the changes and make them positive. Are you surrounded by warm, loving family, friends who are good company and supportive, work or study colleagues who are Continue Reading →