Story of a Soul

Once there was a beautiful shiny soul, who entered life filled with the spirit of adventure and carrying a hopeful plan for growing, exploring and discovering.

The young spirit encountered many new and confusing experiences, some filled with love and comfort, some hurtful and distressing, some simply new and beautiful. The child learned many things, mainly rules for survival and to get the good stuff, and how to armour and defend, to protect the Self from harm.

In the course of this journey, this spirit lost some essential things, some parts of the soul’s precious and unique self. Life had its good and bad times, but something was missing – the soul did not feel whole any more, didn’t know who it was any more, if it ever had.

One day something changed, a thought appeared, a longing and a determination to restore and rediscover the self. Some time soon after this event, an opportunity arose, unexpectedly but definitely and beautifully, in its own unique and mysterious way. The soul turned its face to the light, breathed the pure atmosphere and felt a new warming glow, as she/he let go of something that hurt so badly and felt it float away effortlessly. In its stead something warm and golden returned and flowed into the soul’s body, something familiar, known and loved.

The soul felt a little more whole, a little more at home and a spark of creative excitement grew, bringing ideas of how to let go of more painful things and how to welcome back more parts of its self, more lovely golden things.

The little soul expanded in delight, developing a new and delightful shine. When it next looked in the mirror, it saw someone to love and cherish, and when it turned around it saw other shining souls to love too.

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