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Learn the real secrets of the shamans!

The word ‘shamanism’ describes a truly ancient set of practices worldwide, which date back to the dawn of knowledge. The overlay of various traditions has obscured the true meaning and purpose of the practices of shamanism – resulting in glaring contradictions between systems. However, it’s possible to remove all of the non-essential and useless elements and bring the remaining  working practices up to date. The result is Shamanix.

Susanna Bellini has spent years distilling the secret wisdom of the ancients and the unspoken power of both medicine man and shaman into a single, powerful system.

She has stripped away all of the trappings, the myths and the unnecessary dogma of shamanism and energy practices in order to present these teachings to you in their purest form, ready for the 21st century and beyond.

That’s right – you will not need any drums, costumes, eerie noises or exotic substances to be a shaman, because Susanna has removed all of the mystification and confusion, leaving only the true secrets of shamanism.

The teachings that Susanna reveals on her introductory “Shamanix Weekend” are available to you now on DVD.

This unique set of 6 DVDs is packed with powerful and effective shamanic techniques to incorporate into your own belief system and your life:

  • Experience energy fields instantly
  • Instantly change someone’s state
  • Change their state of mind before they even see you
  • Send holographic information to someone else in moments
  • Cutting the ties from past pain and negativity
  • Clear ‘blocks’ and ‘baggage’ in one easy step
  • Master keys to communicating with nature

The secret to reliably activating your intuition – you’ll be surprised what it is!

  • Energy balls – they WILL know what’s hit them!
  • Tapping into powerful and reliable information sources, wherever you are
  • Lost secrets of the Hawaiian kahunas
  • Secret keys to powerfully manifesting:
    • better relationships
    • abundant wealth
  • What you need to know about entities, possession and psychic self defence
  • Connecting with your Life Potential in 3 easy steps
  • Meeting your Power Animal
  • Shapeshifting in trance and dreamwork
  • Shapeshifting in an instant – anywhere, anytime – to gain powerful resources for any situation
  • Do’s and don’ts for safe and effective communication with nature spirits, animals, entities and more…
  • Shifting sensory input and output for shamanic mastery

And much more! As one Shamanix™ attendee remarked :
It took me TEN YEARS to gather together just a bit of what Susanna gave us in TWO DAYS !”

If you’re already aware of the high standards set by Susanna Bellini, you probably have some idea of the extraordinary value of this DVD set. If not, don’t just take our word for it:

“I came away from the weekend astonished that Susanna had covered so much ground in such depth with apparently so little effort. Her wide knowledge and skill of application provides an  amazing first experience in shamanic traditions and the relevance for our modern world. I recommend it without reservation to any learning explorer.” – Ed Percival, NLP Master Trainer

“I’ve just spent the last 6 days with a great trainer, Susanna Bellini. She is very knowledgeable and a spectacular trainer in her fields. I recommend her very highly. She can do and teach what she says she can – She actually teaches people the REAL Drills to get the skills.” – Dr. John M. La Tourrette, Kahuna Master Trainer

The secrets contained in Shamanix™ Secrets of the 21st Century Shaman are available only from us in DVD format. We are currently able to release them for a price of only £149.97.

Take a moment to think about what you are will get from these DVDs. If you’re serious about shamanism, you need this DVD set

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