Shamanix™ Practitioner training

Shamanix™ practitioner training offers you a safe and fast track to developing your Higher Consciousness. This training carries the opportunity to gain shamanic practitioner qualifications, after completing practical case studies. There is also the opportunity to gain separate certification in Dreamweaving.

Those who train now will also have the chance to eventually become the first Master Practitioners and Trainers of this technology.

What does Shamanix training offer?

Shamanix™ practitioner training and qualification helps you and helps others:

  • Complements and enhances life coaching, therapy and training skills.
  • Gives you the full strategy for effective manifestation
  • Adds fun and creativity to life, with new and unusual skills and abilities
  • Opens up more possibilities in life
  • Makes ESP skills a normal part of your mental toolkit

Shamanix™ skills and techniques can be applied to powerful effect, without needing to overtly introduce shamanic concepts. You can keep your interest in energy work and shamanism completely private, and still use them effectively, if you prefer.

Shamanix™ Practitioner: Course content

7 day intensive program

This is a practical, experiential training in a small group setting, using accelerated learning techniques and trance.  This is an intensive, life-changing training – You are advised to put other work and concerns on hold for the week, and devote your full time and attention to this experience.

The following topics will be covered in the most suitable order to suit participants’ needs and progress during training.

Developing competency / proficiency in the following skills and abilities:

  • Development of personal inner sanctuary
  • Work with guides
  • Sensing energy fields (human, animal, mineral, plant)
  • Scanning and balancing front/back, directions, levels.
  • Receiving accurate energy impressions (telepathy etc.)
  • Sending energy specifically (remote communication, healing)
  • Proficient level of awareness, control and command.
  • Awareness of own and others’ energy / emotional states.
  • Sending “clean” energy – ego and own content free – as a channel
  • Self awareness and control of own thoughts and energy emissions.

Connect and channel for the transmission of specific external information, energy frequencies and ‘downloads’.

3 Energy Attunements

Gateway to the Universal Web (Uweb)and set up your Celestial Sphere.

Gateway to Symbols and Downloads.

Dragon Attunement.

Divination, Forecasting and accurate overviews –

Ability to read signs and gain accurate information re. clients and own situations (divination).

Ability to gain an accurate overview of complex situations with an aim to finding creative solutions / problem solving / making good decisions for way forward / planning strategies and next steps!

Ability to cast pictures for or with clients and facilitate their interpretation.

Competent use of pendulums, dowsing rods, crystal balls and other focusing equipment.

Advanced filtering – ability to place and use dedicated Filters for specific purposes.

Direction-finding – proficiency using Sphere and other indicators.

Orientation and Channelling of specific energy frequencies

  • Earth, Air, Fire, Water – Spirit
  • North, South, East, West – Winds
  • Animal, mineral, plant energies, general proficiency
  • Human body and energies – healing and balancing – general proficiency

*  Learning these principles, with these main examples will allow the Shamanix practitioner to set up own reference points and access specific energy frequencies in any area of their own knowledge and expertise.

(Crystalline energies – advanced specialised course)

(Dreamweavers – advanced, specialised course)

Sensory Proficiency

VAKOG – Advanced sensory awareness and control.

– Advanced state control.

– Ability to transmit states.

Shape Shifting / Shape changing

Developing proficency in different ways of shape shifting, a range of applications and shape changing:

  • Taking on qualities and abilities of e.g. animals, birds (actively and passively)
  • Taking on qualities / gathering information, experience and skills in trance
  • Shape shifting into situations and shape changing those situations
  • Shape changing future events

Communicating on different frequencies

Developing competency in communicating with

  • The plant kingdom
  • The animal kingdom
  • The mineral kingdom

ESSENTIAL pre-requisites for practitioner certification (covered during training) :

Success in this course depends on your developing and demonstrating the attitude and abilities of a shaman.  This will be assessed throughout the training and through the case studies following the 7 days.

In addition, successful Shamanix practitioners will agree to and demonstrate the following:

  • Ability to access transcendent flow state (TFS) consistently and smoothly.
  • Scrupulous honesty, impartiality and balance, especially when working with clients.
  • Working with clean, clear Intent, setting aside ego considerations, within the TFS.
  • Ability to connect to Higher Self / Spirit / the Source / God and follow higher Guidance
  • Agreement to BCMA Code of Practice and ethics and working according to these.

There is a highest standard to aspire to and work towards.  Trainees must commit to continuing professional development (CPD).  Shamanix practitioner training can lead on to Master Practitioner training in due course.

Key principles

Shamanix is absolutely about working with integrity, facilitating the personal power and development of clients.

Clients must take responsibility and ownership of their decisions and their lives.
You are there to facilitate and empower them.

At the same time you will absolutely be able to make good decisions, take responsibility for your own health, happiness and success in your own life.  You will be able to manifest great wealth (in whatever form you want).  In this way you can be a good Model for your clients.

You will enjoy greater freedom, happiness, choice, skills and abilities than over 99% of humanity.

Shamanix™ Practitioner: Certification Requirements

This course offers you a safe and fast track to developing your Higher Consciousness. The training carries the opportunity to gain shamanic practitioner qualifications, after completing practical case studies.  There is also the opportunity to gain separate certification in Dreamweaving.

Application procedure:

  1. Attend Shamanix weekend.
  2. Send Application form – stating why you want to do this training.
  3. Telephone / in person interview

Shamanix certification requires:

Shamanix w/e – Dreamweaving – Practitioner – case studies*.

Shamanix weekend pre-requisite for acceptance on to the practitioner training
Shamanix prac. 7-day practitioner and
Dreamweaving 3 days (can be taken before or after 7-day practitioner).

*Case studies:  5 write-ups of real pieces of work: 2 Dreamweaving and 3 Shamanix applications.

Dreamweaving certification

Attend Dreamweaving* – Complete 3 case studies – Attend Dreamweaving* again.

Case studies demonstrate proof of using skills and proof of competence.  These and performance on second course determine successful certification in Dreamweaving.

* First time you attend, it is new, you have a personal experience and gain the skills.  You go away and practice, reflect on the process and use the skills to successfully complete case studies.  Returning for the second training allows you to refresh and build on your skills, to discuss your case study experiences with Susanna and gain a different perspective, helping first time attendees during exercises.

What People are Saying About Shamanix™ Practitioner Training

Shamanix, what can you say about a course that moves you beyond what you thought was possible. I was a little sceptical about the course (I’m the one on the course who repeatedly keeps saying “Wow, I never thought I could do that” or “This is unbelievable.”)

Out of all the participants I was the one with least exposure to “this kind of thing!” So you can imagine how it felt when the nervousness gave way first to curiosity and now to complete excitement.

This was quite literally a magical course. Susanna, and the other trainees were a delight to spend the week with, supportive in every way. If you are fortunate enough to be accepted on the course then you should do it.

Having already completed my practitioner training last year with another organisation I was looking for something to link NLP with a more spiritual dimension.

This to me was the missing link between NLP and meaningful personal growth. If you are lucky enough to get the chance you will find on the Shamanix course information you would have to travel the world to find and some you would not even find then.

A. Smith NLP Practitioner

“This was a very special course. There were only 7 of us including Susanna (the trainer) and the group dynamic allowed us to quickly learn and experience some amazing and advanced Shamanix™.

Some of the benefits I received: Subtle Energy sensing increased dramatically, Stronger connection/rapport with spirit guides, Empowering attunements, Remote viewing became easier, Communication with animals, plants & various spirit types improved, increased confidence working with group energies, advanced Shamanic journeying, personal healing…

Overall the most outstanding benefit I gained from the training was a genuine sense of empowerment and a solid connection to ‘the source’ allowing me to become more confident at flowing and working with energies at many different levels in delightfully more creative ways…

If you really want to learn more about genuine, “hands on experience”, Shamanic and energy techniques that work powerfully then this is the course you need to invest in. I highly recommend it!”

– Colin G Smith, Author

“The whole week has been superb, with a huge amount of material covered.  The teamwork between the whole group is excellent and long may it continue.  A few words in summation cannot possibly do justice to this course – it has just been an immense privilege to have been chosen to participate in the first Shamanix practitioner training; a life changing event of the highest order.”

Peter Ridgway, Solihull, West Midlands

“This has been an amazing and profound week for me, having learned to sense and do things on a whole new level of awareness.  Again, Susanna has taught me things in a way that makes it easy and enjoyable to learn.  She allowed each person to bring out their own individuality and strengths, which was apparent in the way we worked together as a group, each having our own unique and valuable parts to play.

I can now tune in, sense and heal people, animals, things and places with a heightened awareness, sensitivity and confidence.  All of this, learned in only one week, is an indication of Susanna’s high level of skill and of her gift in being able to pass those skills on to others with such enjoyment and ease.”

Peter Fulcher, Manchester

“What can I say about the Shamanix Practitioner training? From start to finish, it was an incredible opening up of possibilities.

As someone with a lot of experience in energy work, magick and NLP, I was nevertheless amazed at the readiness with which we could apply the highly advanced material that Susanna taught us. And all of the techniques and ways of working were completely new to me.

I had never experienced doing energy work in such a flexible and deeply powerful way.

To say that the Shamanix Practitioner is an accelerated training is a massive understatement. We all seemed to learn and apply easily what we later found out to be highly advanced techniques.

Susanna brought such seeming simplicity to powerful and complex techniques that if I had nothing to compare it with, I would have thought that it was this easy to get such great results. Yet I know (from my own experience) that other shamanic and energy trainings can take years to accomplish much less than we were fortunate to receive in a week.

Since the Shamanix Practitioner training, I have experienced a jump in my abilities. My work with private clients and my awareness while training NLP has been boosted to a higher level. The skills and awareness are there whenever I need them.

That increase in ability was evident during the Shamanix prac. I recall that on day two of the training, Susanna demonstrated an energy technique that showed definite and easily verifiable results. None of us could figure out how she had done it, even though we were right there watching for it.

Yet, the very next day, we all could sense and understand what had changed and how. And we could reproduce the results too.

On the sixth day of the course, we went on a field trip and spent the day using and developing our skills. Susanna facilitated the group work in such a way that throughout the course, we all worked together harmoniously and powerfully.

It was a privilege to work with such a great group of people and learn ‘at the cutting edge’ on this first Shamanix Practitioner course. Thank you all, and especially thank you Susanna, for such a moving experience.”

Phil Callaghan, NLP Trainer and Coach