Shamanix Auras DVD

In this DVD, Susanna Bellini provides simple and straightforward exercises that enable you to sense ‘energy’ and to see and feel auras for yourself.

The simple truth is that anyone can sense auras and be aware of the subtle energies surrounding living things, with the right training.

You can experience these phenomena for yourself by following these simple instructions.

Even if you’re completely new to this.

Susanna will be your guide as you open up your senses to this way of experiencing the world. Just put the DVD in your player, sit back and learn.

This natural awareness can readily be put to use for:

  • healing
  • more empathy
  • greater rapport
  • gathering inspiration
  • psychic self-defense

…among other things.

When you use the secrets laid out in this recording, you will find that you can see, feel and be aware of more hidden knowledge all around you…

Now for some little-known facts.

  • Did you know that the size of your aura changes with your mood?Part of the training that Susanna delivers on this DVD allows you to sense the differences in a person’s energy and know what that means, even though there’s no other change on the surface.
  • Did you know that places have an energy of their own?You can unlock hidden information from buildings and other locations by tuning your awareness into their energy. And the first steps to how you can do that are explained clearly and simply on the Auras and Awareness DVD.
  • Did you know that you can tap the experience and knowledge of others through energy?As well as guiding you to unlock your awareness of energy, Susanna also leads you through an experience where you get permission to ‘step into’ the energy of role models for guidance, inspiration and learning.

So if you’re interested in being able to see and feel energy and don’t know how, this DVD is for you.

If you’d like to be able to open up your senses fully for a more complete awareness of the world around you, Susanna shows you how on this DVD.

Or if you’re a little skeptical, you can use the exercises given here to have this experience for yourself and satisfy your curiosity.

If you’re interested in auras, energy and greater awareness, and you want the “how to’s” this DVD is a great place to begin.

This DVD is packed with vital information – secrets that reveal how you can do all of the above. And the best part is that you get all of that for only £29.95!

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