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Shamanic Training with Susanna Bellini

The term Shaman originally referred to the traditional healers of Northern Asia, literally meaning "he (or she) who knows" and gradually came into wider use for healers working in harmony with nature.

Traditionally, the shaman fulfilled many functions in the community, such as healing, journeying, soul retrieval, divination, mediating and acting as a bridge between worlds. Our Shamanix™ training leads to competence in all these areas of activity, ultimately producing shamans in harmony with nature, able to channel and communicate information, energy, creativity and healing as positive influences in the world.

"We learned, particularly, to trust our intuitions to a greater degree. We learned to look out at the world with greater sensitivity and to look in at ourselves with greater understanding... What we like about Susanna's style of teaching is that it is largely free from ritual and technique. We felt that we came away... as individuals who had been given permission to develop our own shamanic style through our own instincts and experience. This will be an ongoing experience for the rest of our lives and one that we will value beyond words" - Frances Parsons

Susanna Bellini first started to teach Shamanix skills and techniques in the form of weekends and short courses in 2001. She taught the first full length practitioner training in 2006, which consisted of a 7 day Shamanix training, plus 3 days Mindskills and 3 days Dreamweaving training. Successful practitioners needed to complete all these modules, plus case studies and had to adhere to a comprehensive ethical code of conduct throughout their practice.

Over the years, through the experience of teaching these materials and continuing to learn and develop these principles in her own shamanic work, Susanna had amassed too much material to fit into the existing format. Therefore, from January 2010 the courses were restructured in a new way:

Shamanic HealingShamanic DreamingShamanic Soul HealingShamanism: Core Skills

These three circles represent the main areas of shamanic work, through the shaman’s main roles: the Shaman in this world, the Shaman in other worlds and the Shaman as the bridge. Core skills apply to each area, as shown in the diagram, and there is some overlap to skills and practices between roles. There are also specific skills and activities belonging solely to certain areas of shamanic work and responsibility.

The new courses from 2010 are:

* Applicants must have attended our Shamanic Energy weekend (or similar training) and must have some relevant experience/qualifications to qualify for these trainings.

See our check list to test your energy and shamanic skills and find out which course is best for you.

This restructuring of the training into three new courses makes it easier for individuals to obtain the specific skills they need grounded in thorough, safe, ethical practice, alongside recognised professional qualifications if they require them.

The prestigious Shamanix™ practitioner qualification – only available through its creator, Susanna Bellini - is achievable through successfully completing all three courses and case studies and consistently demonstrating impeccable practise.

Advanced Training :

  • Master Practitioner training
  • Advanced special trainings

“Whilst I still lived in the UK, I completed the Shamanix Weekend, Shamanix Practitioner, Alpha Mindskills and Dreamweaving courses with Bronze Dragon. All were quite different in their content but the common thread was the outstanding level of commitment shown by Susanna to deliver the very best of the best of the best content out there in the most efficient, expedient, experiential and enjoyable manner.

Moreover since the training the continued support, discussions, follow ups, collaborations from Susanna and between the participants has been first class, rewarding and a privilege to be a part of. You owe it to yourself to spend some time browsing through the content of the various courses on offer with Bronze Dragon.

I can assure you that magic will happen and with apparent ease if you opt to attend training. It will be also be relevant to whatever part of life’s journey your are currently at. You will benefit from a relaxed and refreshingly enjoyable atmosphere at the training venue, with a smallish number of participants. Often the opposite from big venue events in London or elsewhere.

Finally it is an honour and a privilege to be able to do some of the activities that I am now involved in. There is absolutely no doubt that what I gained from spending time with Susanna on these trainings has benefitted me enormously in the path I now find my life taking.”

Richard Midgley, Soul Coach


From 2006 to end 2009 Susanna taught and continued to develop her own unique shamanic training system "Shamanix" and "Dreamweaving".

The body of knowledge and skills has become so extensive that a re-design is now appropriate and the new courses are in the form above.

These resources relate to the original suite of trainings.

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