Shamanic Dreaming Course

Discover the hidden potential of your dreaming and discover how shamanic dreaming can unlock the mysteries of the universe.

This course starts with the basics of remembering and recording your dreams and soon whirls you on an adventure of dreaming possibilities: dreaming for learning, problem solving and creativity are just some of the useful insights and solutions you can discover through your dreams. A quantum leap into shamanic dreaming leads to new worlds of lucid dreaming, meeting other forms of consciousness within your dreams and astral travelling to other planes and dimensions.

You will learn how to remember more of your dreams and how to interact with them to unlock powerful inner resources of creativity, healing and inspiration.

You will learn how to become aware at all levels of mind, even deep in sleep, and how to use shamanic dreaming methods to connect in different and deeper ways with other forms of life. You will make contact with spiritual guidance to help you to develop your dreaming skills to enlighten your personal path and benefit the greater good of all.

How far you will travel partly depends on where you start, how much experience of dreaming you bring at the outset. However, it also depends on the open-minded and curious attitude you bring to this journey – if you are an adventurous explorer, ready to launch into adventures and to save your reflection and analysis until later, then you can travel as far and as fast as those with existing experience.

Shamanic Dreaming 8 week course

Do you enjoy vivid dreams? Would you like to do something more meaningful with your dreams? This course opens up new possibilities for your dreaming, from accessing creativity to connecting with spiritual teaching and guidance.

shamanic dreaming online Course Content:

  • Remembering and recording dreams
  • Meeting your dream allies and other guides
  • Dreaming for creativity and invention
  • Dreaming for insights, guidance and spiritual growth
  • Dreaming for problem solving and healing the past
  • Dreaming for learning and developing new skills
  • Lucid dreaming and utilising lucidity purposefully
  • Astral travelling across time and space
  • Communicating with other beings in dreams
  • Dream weaving: creating a better future

Your Mentor (if you choose the mentored course):

Susanna Bellini qualified as a Shamanic Healing practitioner in 1995 and has undergone practical training and apprenticeship with native shamans in different countries since the early 1990s. Susanna synthesised and developed her knowledge and practical experience into her own system, Shamanix™ in 2000. She has taught shamanic courses in the UK, Europe and US from 1997 to 2016 and has been developing online courses to make this knowledge and these skills more widely available since 2008.

Susanna is also qualified and experienced in the practice and teaching of a number of other healing therapies (see full qualifications here).

What people are saying about Shamanic Dreaming:

“Firstly, the course material. I think this was of a very high standard and found it interesting, varied and fun. I think presenting the material gradually, week by week, worked really well and each week built nicely on the previous ones. There was plenty of scope in the suggested explorations and the guidance was good. All in all, I found it very stimulating and looked forward to each new piece. I think I’ll be continuing to explore this material for a long time to come.

As far as benefits go, I’d say I gained a lot from this course. I had a real sense of enhancement in terms of my dreaming experience and my ability to recall content, make connections and gain insight increased noticeably as I progressed through the material. I find my dreams to be strongly affected by setting an intention and requesting help from guides. The quality of these dreams is very different to the ones I have when I’ve just gone to sleep without doing this. This has been a strong convincer for me that something real and different is happening. One of the greatest benefits of doing this course is the ongoing nature of the learnings. I feel that I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what can be gained from the material and fully expect my learning and exploration to continue indefinitely!”
Helen F

“This course was an exciting journey into the world of dreams, which has opened up a previously untapped area of my life. I now feel confident in being able to recall dreams and to work with them to gain insights and for healing. I am also beginning to have lucid dreams, now I know how to do it, I can direct dreams whilst I am having them. I was very pleased to have met some guides and I now feel that my senses and intuition are more finely tuned and heightened.”

“I have found many answers in my dreams and I am having loads of fun with lucid dreaming. I sense this is just the beginning – I will definitely continue exploring my dreams!”
Marina L