Shamanic Dreaming Certificate Training


This training focuses on developing complete control and command of:

  • States or levels of consciousness and awareness
  • Day dreaming, night dreaming, trance, meditative states
  • Protocol for travel and safe interaction with other beings in other realms
  • Protocol for working with entheogens and plant teachers
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Astral travelling, out of body awareness and journeying

This course offers certification in Dreamwork and Shamanic Dreaming

Core skills:

The key to this training is in understanding your mind and senses, accessing different levels and realms of conscious awareness and developing these skills in safe and self-controlled ways:

Developing sensory skills through the different channels:

  • Visual – ‘seeing’ energies –   clairvoyance
  • Auditory – ‘hearing’ on different frequencies – clairaudience
  • Kinaesthetic – sensing emotionally and physically:
    • balance, vestibular, orientation
    • energetic touch, sensing
    • emotional ‘feel’ sensing
  • How to maintain a centred, balanced and grounded self-awareness in order to safely navigate to the furthest realms of consciousness exploration for the purposes of acquiring new information and experience and bringing this back in accessible, practical ways.
  • How to access, orientate, navigate, exit and return safely from different mental states, levels of consciousness and different places and energy dimensions.

You will learn methods for:

  • Making contact with spiritual guidance and with other types of aware being and consciousness, safely and effectively.  Connecting to Spirit and strengthening your own spiritual channel.
  • Understanding and healing yourself and others by interpreting dreaming / visionary material and interacting with dreams, trance and visionary states.
  • Accessing and interpreting dreams and visions and interacting with this material for:
    Creativity, invention, new ideas, solutions.
    Expanding consciousness and awareness of the wider universe

Dreamweaving ~ Shamanic Dreaming

Perhaps the most exciting part of this work is the Dreamweaving or Shamanic Dreaming element: the creation of new realities and the shamanic dreaming of new dreams for yourself, your family, community and the wider world.

This is a vital and essential role of the shaman – especially in the context of community – to help form ethical, sustainable, positive and generative ways forward.

This dreaming will be undertaken in several ways:

  • Symbolically (through creation of visionary art and artefacts)
  • Exploring how this may be applied commercially and economically, in business, as goal setting – the shamanic context and content – the role and input of the corporate shaman.
  • Exploring visionary leadership and the role of the shaman.
  • Through Dream Creation in trance, day and night dreaming

Shamanic dreaming or Dreamweaving, draws the elements of this training together in three stages:

  1. Dreaming for information and insights
  2. Accessing and drawing in of beneficial energies (+ positive intentions and insights)
  3. Dreamweaving – creation of new realities – energy streams and pattern creation.

While elements exist elsewhere in other forms, it is believed that this is a powerful new stream of shamanic tradition ~ an powerful evolution of the shaman’s traditional role in working for the benefit of the wider community.

Traditional shamans journey and dream for solutions, insights and assistance for the benefit of the wider community.  

This is something a new group of modern day shamans needs to step forward and do again, and further to take an active part in creating the future.

During this training you will learn the shamanic energy and dreaming skills for how to do this. The underlying skills and methods and principles are beautifully clear, simple and effective.  The effects range from spiritual and inspirational to the most effective, pragmatic task and results oriented work.

This course provides you with a qualification for insurance purposes, to cover you professionally and provide a respectable professional basis for your work –

It is then up to each individual how you best choose to apply these very specific and powerful skills – whether overtly as a shaman or energy worker, or as part of your role as business leader, adviser, politician, negotiator, advocate or educator.

This training is intended to add a stream of energy and shamanic skills, depth and a new stream of influence to your existing training and experience, so that you add fresh energy, creativity, focus and purpose and effectiveness to your passions – to your work and projects you are passionate about.

The terminology and ways in which you apply these skills with others will be those most useful, acceptable seamless and beneficial to the group or community in which you work.

Shamanic Dreaming training – who is this for?

  • Individuals with a rich dream life who wish to explore and interact proactively with their dreams and put these insights and skills to use
  • Counsellors, psychotherapists, life coaches, hypnotherapists and other therapists who work with, or are interested in working with clients’ dreaming material
  • Shamanic and energy work practitioners who wish to focus on developing their shamanic dreaming and dream walking skills
  • Business people looking for fresh impetus, new tools and a different creative ‘edge’.
  • Inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, designers who want to add another dimension to their creativity and a practical system for manifesting the results in practical, tangible ways

Entry requirements:

This training is best suited to self-aware individuals, who have worked on healing and clearing themselves and who have an attitude of self responsibility.  You may be confused about your current direction, or changing direction through choice or necessity – If so, this training will deliver you powerful insights and skills for creating a successful and fulfilling future.

Applicants need to have some experience in achieving relaxed, focused states of mind, whether through relaxation, meditation, self-hypnosis, trance or methods.  It is not necessary to have an active dream life at present, but participants will need to bring some dream material and to have rich and vivid dreams from time to time.

It can be beneficial (but not necessary) to have some training and/or experience in areas such as energy work, healing, counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, TFT, EFT, NLP, meditation, yoga and similar balancing, clearing, focusing and healing methods.  More important is an open-minded attitude of exploration and an interest in working with different states of consciousness, with the aim of creating positive and tangible results.

Course Outline – in brief

Part One: Dreamwork / Interpretation

  • Dream recall, dream journalling, dream incubation
  • Exploring levels of meaning – surface/current, medium/on-going, deep/life themes
  • Types of dreams – Day residue, learning/rehearsal, creative / inspirational, telepathic, precognitive.
  • Dream interpretation – exploring a variety of theories and methods
  • Day dreaming / Trance states / Re-entering dreams
  • Interacting with dream imagery and action

Part Two: Dreaming, Journeying and Altered States

  • Lucid dreaming – how to do it and what to do with this skill
  • Training dreams, programming dreams, working with dream/awake phases in the night.
  • Meeting and working with Guides specifically for dreamwork / astral travelling
  • Dream Walking – for self and on behalf of others
  • Trance journeying – for information, healing, for others, for the community

Part Three: Dreamweaving the future / new realities

  • The dreamscape / sleepwalkers / spirits / thoughtforms / other beings, entities and worlds
  • Dreaming realities – Personal / community / global
  • Journeying to specific places in the dream realms
  • Dreamweaving and weaving energies / threads
  • Responsibilities and code of conduct


The shamanic art of Dreamweaving enables you to:

  • Take control of your dream life
  • Open up new possibilities and opportunities for yourself and others
  • Rehearse and develop excellence
  • Clear painful memories, unhelpful past patterns and behaviours
  • Have lucid dreams and make the most of this skill
  • Use dreams for problem solving
  • Access your unused potential
  • Manifest your desires through active dreaming
  • Conduct yourself safely and with purpose in the dream world.
  • Travel and explore other realms, thereby accessing new information
  • Dream on behalf of others (for guidance, healing and soul retrieval.)
  • Become more creative
  • Communicate with your unconscious mind
  • Master your inner self
  • Bring greater clarity and inner resources into every area of your life
  • Manifest wealth, better relationships and more luck
  • Meet spirits and other beings in dreams opening up new insights and learning

* Our courses are held in York and occasionally at countryside venues in North Yorkshire.  If you are unable to attend a live training, you can study Shamanic Dreaming with us online.