Reiki I

1 day course

The first level opens your healing channels and enables you to use Reiki for self-healing, as well as for helping friends, family, pets and even your plants! This is a fun, relaxing, experiential day, with a small group of like-minded people.

You’ll learn about the history of Reiki and the similarities and differences between Reiki, spiritual healing, therapeutic touch and other energy healing systems.

The course includes practical experience of giving and receiving Reiki; depending on numbers this is sometimes done one-to-one and sometimes in groups.

Learning Reiki I can be a wonderfully relaxing and empowering experience – especially when you allow yourself to relax and enjoy the day. If this is your first exploration of energy work / healing, you may be wondering whether ‘it’ really exists and works, and if so, you may be worrying about whether you will be able to do it. Rest assured, ‘it’ exists, you will be able to experience your own energies and how it feels to receive Reiki healing and you will be able to channel Reiki healing to others before the end of this course. This is so for everyone who has learned Reiki with me so far, and it will be the same for you.

During the course you’ll learn the hand positions for self-healing, as well as for treating others. One of the wonderful things about Reiki is that it starts with taking care of and appreciating yourself – something we all need, I think. Following this course, you’ll be giving yourself Reiki daily for 21 days to integrate the new healing energies and to help re-balance and clear your own system.

This is a wonderful way for you to experience the healing benefits of Reiki for yourself and to gain in confidence flowing the energy. When you give yourself some Reiki every day, you’ll notice how it helps you to relax and cope with even the busiest life. You may notice detoxing, clearing effects, and you’ll start to feel lighter, clearer and happier. You may find that you reassess things that you were stressing and worrying about, and that you find the strength to make any changes that are good, healthy and positive for you. This process of change may be a little ‘bumpy’ at times, but well worth it as your life moves in ever more positive directions.

Other delightful benefits are that you’ll notice your intuition sharpening and you may well see, hear, feel, and experience scents or tastes more intensely. Reiki brings out the best in you, develops your creativity, intensifies your capabilities and helps you to discover and follow your path in life. 

What people are saying about Reiki I

“It was lovely to work with Susanna, I felt at ease and comfortable with her. The information and advice was completely useful and comprehensive. The attunement process was wonderful and I felt it working immediately! It was a fabulous experience seeing and feeling the effects of a healing on a fellow student. I feel that I have gained so much already from Reiki I and I am looking forward to seeing that develop tomorrow when I attend the Reiki II! I intend to use Reiki not only in my personal life, but to set up as a practitioner, it feels like I have ‘come home’.”

Lucy Reid, Homemaker and Doll Maker

“Really lovely style, informal but very informative. I liked the small group dynamic. Would definitely attend further courses with you! I didn’t expect such powerful experiences!”

Beverley Heath, Complementary Therapist

“I had an amazing experience with Susanna on a one to one course. This was more than a Reiki I course; I was able to ask a lot of questions and got great answers. Susanna is very knowledgeable in many other areas as well, not only Reiki! I will definitely come back to Reiki II course, very soon!!”

Sara Monteiro, York

“I feel the course has opened the door to a new way of living and of seeing others. The day felt relaxed, free and organic. We were gently guided through but never felt rushed or unable to ask questions. The attunement was a beautiful experience. Thank you.”

Laura Neale, Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

“It was a very powerful day. It was a very relaxing and safe environment to experience something powerful, different and life changing. Thank you!”

Nicky Esders, York

“We both thoroughly enjoyed the day with you and thought the course was very well presented and organised. It is only afterwards that you realise how much you have learnt. I always find it takes a few days or weeks to assimilate everything from a good course, so this was definitely a good course!”

Veronica Burningham

“Very much enjoyed the relaxed blend of theory and practice. Susanna relaxed me from the moment I entered the building and this continued throughout the day. Breaks were well spaced and the group was enabled to ‘gel’ easily, comfortably and with good humour.”

Malcolm Freemantle, Life Coach/Consultant

“Fantastic experience – I’m so glad I came”

Nicola Percival, Senior Sustainability Manager, Bovis Lend Lease, Manchester

“Great day, many thanks. I will return for another course. 🙂

Faith Capone, CYC

“Really great course – informative, insightful and interesting. Feel I really made a paradigm shift. REALLY looking forward to Reiki II.”

Sarah Butler

“A great introduction to Reiki, about which I knew nothing before! It covered both the origins of Reiki and the practical work / application of Reiki; the group work was excellent. I look forward to using Reiki in my daily life.”

Paul Hewitt, Architect

“I found the training excellent, enjoyed the practice in the afternoon and how relaxed the environment was. Gave me many thoughts for the future.”

Sarah Mann, Scunthorpe

“I feel as though I really want to take this forward. I don’t know yet how this will present itself, but I’m sure the Universe will guide me. Thank you Susanna for your guidance today.”

Margaret Milligan

“Practice was very helpful and useful to hear each other’s views. I felt it was important to ‘feel’ the energy.”

Terry Simmons

“The course very much complemented my beliefs and confirmed aspects to my attitude and behaviour that I need to address in more detail.

It was wonderful to work with and learn from such a positive person as Susanna, who has the knowledge, humility and ability required in order to help one get the best out of the training; it was easy to learn with such a person.

Thank you also for making us feel so much at home and relaxed. A wonderful atmosphere to learn in.”

John Messer

“This is one of the best ‘life’ courses I have attended and I will continue to practice Reiki in my everyday life. I shall probably book up for Reiki II. Reiki opened up and helped heal blocked energies.”

Vaneta Greer

“Excellent day, will be back soon to do Reiki II!”

V Wood, 3rd line Support / Aviva / London

“Susanna is fantastic. I loved it. Its made my day / week /month. Thank you. All of it was useful.”

Karen Dobson, Manager, American Express, Brighton

“Highly recommended. A valuable day. Very relaxing. Looking forward to practicing and sharing the benefits of this healing. I’ll be back for Reiki II also. Think its very important to understand more about energy and the flows we all have. I’ll be using Reiki when I go on to practice other therapies and massage. Looking forward to experimenting and exploring this when leave and discuss the changes later. Thank you. Very positive day.”

Fiona Grange, Bar tender in Café/Bar/Art Gallery

“Really enjoyed the course, taught really well, open discussion, will do Reiki II in the near future.”

M Trouard-Riolle, Lawyer, Brighton

“Great course. Very enjoyable. Definitely feel calmer and much more grounded – will use this in voice teaching work – particularly in terms of being aware of energy flow. Will definitely use it for myself and my friends – look forward to experimenting. Also as an actor I think there is something relevant in free flow of energy and being aware of energy flow. Will experiment with that in my job next week.”

Jules Craig, Actor/Voice Teacher

“I really related to the teaching on what we give to others and how it affects the treatment we receive. I am a nurse and may use some of the skills I have learned today to protect and care for myself. I will also use Reiki to make the little 7 week baby in my tummy grow and flourish.”

Nikki Jones, Cancer Specialist Nurse, Worthing

“Looking forward to developing techniques! Also researching and practicing more “

David Goodwin, Site Engineer, Brighton

“Very much enjoyed the day and fulfilled my expectations.  Was happy to receive all the useful pointers.  Looking forward to trying it all out.”

Matt Dunton, Train Conductor, Southern, Brighton

“I really enjoyed the informal atmosphere and was glad that it was a small group.  The course touched on other therapies etc. which I find very interesting.  Thank you.  I will use the skills every day in my general life.”

Sinead Fitzgerald

“The teacher was very open and friendly.  She was a great teacher and put people at ease.  I will definitely come back here for the next part of the course.”

S Goodman

“Very pleased, good content and a very good teacher.”

Angus Hutley, Engineer

“Good mix of activities and pace.  Confidence inspired from beginning introduction.  Lots of useful information, inspiring to continue to second level and gain more information.”

D Curry

“A really interesting course with a good balance of theory and practice.”

Nicky Telling, Teacher. Brighton

“Susanna is a very approachable and informative teacher, who answered every question fully.  I really liked her approach and focus on the simplicity of Reiki. Very enjoyable and life changing.”

Nicola Ashmore, Brighton

“It’s a very beneficial course which is in a very supportive environment.  The benefits to me will be enormous as I have been physically and spiritually unwell for some time and the ability to self-heal will be terrific.”

Fiona Aitken, Teacher, Brighton

“The course was very informative.  I would recommend it to anyone wanting guidance in both healing and finding yourself.  I will definitely use the techniques shown in class to heal myself and others.  Great energy!!”

Sharlene Alexander

“This course has been excellent in a number of ways.  The Teacher was light, bright and excellent at relating the information.  I personally had a marvellous experience and will be looking forward to using the ability on others.”

J Roberts

“Enjoyed it. To be able to channel healing energy to others is invaluable.”

Gavin Lee, Teaching Assistant, St John’s College

“Value and benefits of this course are wonderful. Confirmation and realisation of benefits were felt even for those sceptical. You feel you have a value to yourself and can give to others. I have always felt as though I had this in me and today made me feel quite complete. Thank you.”

Mandy Paley

“The ease of Susanna’s style creates an environment that is conducive to the best possible learning. The benefits of this course are immediately felt.”

Sharon Wood

“I intend to practise Reiki on family and pets. It would be of great benefit to me personally. I am in remission from cancer and I hope it will help in self-healing and letting go of emotions.”

Pat Thompson

“I experienced everything I could have hoped for. I have felt how powerful Reiki is myself and have been fascinated by seeing colours and feeling strange sensations. I really look forward to healing my friends and family. I can’t wait for Reiki II !

Ann Smith, Drama Student, London

“As I practise yoga, it is really nice to feel others’ energy and it was nice to know how to use my energy, which will be useful when I actually start teaching yoga. I could adjust people’s posture as well as sending positive energy!”

Ayako Takagi

“Interesting, inspiring, gentle and nurturing. A gift for myself to then share with those I love. Thank you.”

Mel Brosnan

“Enjoyable. Did not feel awkward about asking questions which I felt were silly.”

A Farras

“I have felt that I was on a journey, and that each thing I learned was just another step towards something else, though I didn’t know what. However Reiki with you seems to have been more of a giant leap! “

AS, Peacehaven

“I took Reiki at Bronze Dragon and the atmosphere has an amazing charge I even felt it before attunement and nobody was less sensitive than me then.”

 Pete Ross, Parcelforce PFM2 grade delivery driver

“Since Reiki there has been a major shift in my universe and I am steadily achieving a balance I have never had before.”

MW, Sussex

“A perfect way to discover your own personal powers and energy and how to heal”

Tina Taylor, Hypnotherapist

“A thoroughly rewarding, enjoyable, interesting and therapeutic day. The course for me was perfectly pitched in all regards. The tutor’s broad knowledge base and experiences were interesting, numerous and so very useful.”

Paul Burton, Marketing Consultant

“I truly feel blessed to have received such an astounding gift, especially as I can pass healing on to others.”

J Langford, York

“How Reiki changes lives – especially Reiki II. I never would have thought it was such a catalyst for change nor become so ingrained in my life.”

B Nash, Sussex

“I found the course very interesting and cannot wait to try out the Reiki on anyone who would like it and also help myself. Felt very relaxed and comfortable with the group and Susanna. I am hoping that I can also help my patients through Reiki.”

Lynn Doswell, Staff Nurse

“Excellent value for money. Well presented, good ratio theory to practical. Susanna presents in a professional but extremely relaxed manner. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and would recommend her training courses. Going home feeling energized, enthusiastic and already wanting more!”

Sally Calam, CMB Colour Consultant

“Most useful was learning the basic principles of Reiki in the one session and having the opportunity to practice those techniques whilst they are still fresh in the memory. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to others. The techniques learned will be applied at home for self, at work for friends.“

Jennifer Dixon, Artist

“It was great to be back at Bronze Dragon for this training. The material was presented in a straightforward, easily understood and above all, a fun way. A very instructive and enjoyable experience. Brilliant!”

Phil Callaghan, Research Chemist

“It has been around 5/6 weeks since my level 1 Reiki attunement. It has been an amazing time. I used to control and keep a tight grip on my emotions. I have been incredibly emotional since. I have felt very happy, very grateful, very sad, very angry. I know this is a part of my healing and it has increased my faith. Life is good. I can cope. I have got my spirit back. Life is getting and will keep getting better.”

Richard King, student

“I really enjoyed this course – the class size was small enough for lots of personal attention and the teaching was clear and comfortable. I feel that I have learned so much through this class – thank you! I was grateful for the opportunity to practice Reiki and even more grateful to be practiced on!

Julia Bezanson, Student

“A very enjoyable and superlative instructor and very practical in its ‘hands on’ experience and practical demonstration.”

C Whipp, Tarot Reader

“Good, natural and human approach to learning. I felt relaxed and at ease throughout the day. I will walk away with a smile on my face!”

Zoe Bennett

“A very moving and emotional experience both giving and receiving Reiki.”

Louise Birchmore, Designer