Quotes about Susanna Bellini

“I came away from the weekend astonished that Susanna had covered so much ground in such depth with apparently so little effort. Her wide knowledge and skill of application provides an amazing first experience in shamanic traditions and the relevance for our modern world.”  – Ed Percival, NLP Master Trainer

“In a world of “me too” NLP trainers, seminar givers, and personal development coaches (not to mention energy healers, Reiki masters, and other assorted layers-on-of-hands), Susanna Bellini stands out as a trainer, communicator and healer.”  – Michael Breen, NLP Master Trainer

“Susanna is a gifted healer, therapist and trainer which comes from her strong desire to help others. She has spent many years perfecting her skills and those that are fortunate enough to work with her benefit from her magic.”  – Paul McKenna, Hypnotist, Author, TV Personality

“Susanna has the real skills, learnt the only way – personally. Her respect for each individual’s path is legendary.”  – Ray Jackson

“Susanna is a highly skilled individual.”  – Dr Richard Bandler (Co-creator of NLP)

“Susanna is a superb teacher and healer”  – Ros Curwood, Educational Therapist and Reiki Master

“The ease of Susanna’s style creates an environment that is conducive to the best possible learning.”  – Sharon Wood

“Susanna’s teaching style made it enjoyable and easy to learn and has given me the confidence to use what I have learned.”  – Peter Fulcher, Carer, Manchester

“Susanna presents in a professional but extremely relaxed manner.”  – Sally Calam, CMB Colour Consultant

“Susanna is a wonderful teacher and presents the material in a very down-to-earth way, which enables you to take it at your own pace.”  – Amy Anderson, Journalist

“Susanna is a very special teacher”  – Paul Beresford, Reiki Master & Learning Mentor

“Susanna is excellent at distilling large amounts of complex knowledge into user friendly processes.”  – Clare Walker, Personal Development Coach, London

“Susanna is fantastic.”  – Karen Dobson, Manager, American Express, Brighton

“Susanna is an excellent tutor. Her experience and style is both detailed and informative. Thank you!”  – Beki Burns, Pure Harmony, Huby

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