Procrastinate your way to Prosperity

Have you ever done all kinds of other jobs, to avoid the one thing you are procrastinating about? I once shared a house with a guy who was writing his dissertation and the whole building became immaculate.

If you relate, you know that you can get a surprising amount of things done, and done well, to avoid that one bugbear. Which is a good bonus, but doesn’t solve the problem.

I admit, I may have, possibly, sometimes do procrastinate a bit. Well, a lot. But now it might be working for me instead of against me.

What I want to do is write my first full length fiction novel, and that’s scary. So far I’ve done loads of preparation work, but as for getting started with the actual writing? Nope. But after two months I’ve had a breakthrough – and started a non-fiction book instead.

And written this blog post.

This means you may finally get to see my long-promised book on shamanism. Unless I procrastinate on that and get to work on the novel…

If I keep flip-flopping between two things I want to do, but procrastinate about, there’s a way to get them both done. What do you think?