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Discover and explore mystical knowledge and gain practical skills in your own home, with the personal support of experienced spiritual teachers. Our 4 to 8 week online courses are easily accessible to anyone with a basic working knowledge of English, and with just 2 hours a week available for ongoing learning and spiritual development.

SuccessPendulum Power

The art of dowsing for accuracy.

dowsingDivining the Landscape

Sensing the land with dowsing rods.

Crystal DivinationCrystal Divination

Forecasting and scrying with crystals.

Time DoorwaysTime Doorways

Sensing gateways to other times.

Past LivesExploring Past Lives

Could you have lived before?

CrystalsCrystal Healing

Discover the healing power of crystals.

ShamanismPractical Shamanism

Connect shamanically to the living web.

Shamanic dreamingShamanic Dreaming

Dream awareness, communication and travelling.

Dream interpretationInterpreting Dreams

Understand your dreams and change your life.

TarotTarot Magick

Divination, Journeying and Tarot Magick.

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About Online Training

Now you can access the unique knowledge and experience of our trainers wherever you are in the world. Our trainers are leaders and innovators in their respective fields and our online courses offer personal contact with these teachers.

Our online “mentored” option allows you to explore these subjects in your own time, from the comfort of your own home, supported by individual personal interaction with your mentor. As you explore the material and keep your course journal (your ongoing reflections on your learning and experiences) your mentor will help you develop and successfully complete your course.

However, if you simply prefer to work through the course on your own, you can choose the un-mentored course option. You will still receive feedback on your assignments.

Course completion certificates are awarded through keeping your course journal and successfully completing course assignments. These courses are experiential rather than academic in focus, i.e. you need to be able to read, watch and listen to course material and to do the practical explorations. The write-ups and assignments are brief, clear and informal and are intended to help tutors monitor your learning and development.

Online Training Courses: General Overview

Each online training course consists of practical sessions with written, audio or visual content, personal assignments and experiential casework. Material is presented week by week for the 4 or 8 weeks and on average you will need around 2 to 4 hours a week to keep up with the course. Course material stays live for a further 2 weeks beyond the end of the weekly course sessions, so if you go on holiday or fall behind for any reason, you have this extra time to catch up and complete your work.

Online course completion certificates are awarded to students who report their progress regularly showing their understanding and progression through the material and who complete the course assignments. Course assignments are the official point of contact with your teacher, when you will receive personal feedback and suggestions to further your development. If you do not need or want a certificate, there is no need to submit assignments, however you miss the benefit of personal feedback.

All our courses are experiential, straightforward and practical, in line with all our training.

See individual course details below.

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Pendulum Power : dowsing for accuracy (4-week course)

Pendulum dowsing is both an art and a science: accurate,reliable and specific in some aspects and in other ways, dependent on the creativity and intuition of the practitioner.

Discover your potential to gain insights and answers and to verify information received.  Develop a practical understanding of dowsing, learn how to choose and work with pendulums for different purposes and develop reliable dowsing skills. Pendulum dowsing can also be used with maps and charts to obtain indications before going out to the physical locations.

Pendulum Power

Course Content:

  • Types of pendulum
  • Art and science of dowsing
  • Getting started / attuning to a new pendulum
  • Developing accuracy and consistency
  • Internal dowsing
  • Applications & uses of pendulum dowsing
  • Working with maps, charts, tables & scales
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Divining the landscape : Dowsing with rods (4-week course)

Working physically on a larger scale or out in the landscape, dowsing rods are the most effective tools for specific and accurate information gathering. Whether you want to find new mineral resources or to know where the mains water pipe comes into your house, dowsing rods can be effective and accurate tools.

You will learn the skills and then it just takes practice to improve. Dowsing rods can be used to locate subtle energies, such as ley lines and other energy lines and grids in the landscape and you will learn how to locate such specific energy frequencies during this training.

Divining the Landscape

Course Content:

  • Types of divining rods
  • Getting started, how to use dowsing rods
  • Developing inner senses and accuracy
  • Direction-finding, compass and scope
  • Applications & uses of dowsing with rods
  • Physical dowsing – water, minerals
  • Energy dowsing – Ley lines, energy grids
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Shamanic Crystal Divination - Advanced (4-week course)

This training focuses on divination through combining the clarity and focus of crystalline energies with altered-state shamanic techniques. This course does not cover other tools and methods of divination, fortune telling or prediction.

Susanna teaches specific methods of holding different states of consciousness open simultaneously and moving between them with ease to provide an accurate, consistent and grounded flow of information.

shamanic crystal divination

Course Content:

  • Predicting, forecasting and divinatory practices
  • Readings with rocks, stones and crystals
  • Scrying with crystals and crystalline substances
  • Altered state divinatory trance
  • Shaman stones and their properties
  • Developing accuracy and confidence
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What people are saying about Shamanic Crystal Divination:

"I found the course wonderful – it states in the introduction that this is something that there is not a lot of information about, and it was really mind expanding. I would definitely recommend it to others."

Helen Fairley

Time Doorways and Inter-dimensional Portals - Advanced (4-week)

This advanced course is very specifically about observing and gaining information from other times and places. This course does not teach astral travel or any kind of light body transfer of energy, or shift to the other time and place. This unique secret method maintains the integrity and equilibrium of the other time and place, so that the observer’s consciousness, energy and action does not in any way affect the other frame.

The system is taught this way to maintain integrity of the time flow. A major benefit for the Observer, however, is that they do not attract any unwanted attention from other consciousnesses, which can happen with other methods. This method is therefore safe and does not require working with guidance, protection protocols etc. However a safety is taught and installed in any event, mainly for the purpose of protecting the student from the less useful aspects of their own psyche!

Time doorways and inter-dimensional portals

Course Content:

  • Working though controlled altered states
  • Physically locating and identifying gateways and places of time/space shift
  • Sensing information from other times, overlapping time frames
  • Scrying other times and places
  • Remote viewing and remote sensing
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What people are saying about Time Doorways and Inter-dimensional Portals:

"It is a wonderful, pioneering course, and another example of the Bronze Dragon aptitude for presenting subjects that may seem so remote, in an accessible, no nonsense manner. As far as I know, Bronze Dragon on-line training is unique in this respect."


Exploring Past Lives (4-week course) NEW

Do you ever feel that you have lived before? Are there are things that affect you in this life, which you cannot explain from your past memories? It could be that events from past lives are still affecting you in this life.

This course will help you to go back in time and explore your past to find answers and insights that will help you to move forward in this life. Your past may hold the keys to healing, understanding and also to reconnect to hidden resources and strengths.

Past lives course

Course Content:

  • Discovering clues in your present life
  • Journeying back to past lives
  • Locating significant events
  • Learning lessons from past life experiences
  • Healing past life pain affecting this life
  • Resolving ‘unfinished business’
  • Discovering your talents and potential
  • Integrating insights and moving forward
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Practical Shamanism (8-week course)

Shamanism values and celebrates the uniqueness of all living things. Through learning to sense and connect in deeper, more meaningful ways, you will experience yourself as a unique part of one vibrant, interconnecting web of life.

Extending your senses, developing new kinds of shamanic awareness and psychic abilities will enrich your experience of life. Re-discover your natural human potential, open up new possibilities and evolve new meaning and purpose.

Learn how to interact with different energies safely and competently and how to communicate with other forms of life. Access reliable, pure spiritual guidance to find your right path and achieve your full potential.

practical shamanism

Course Content:

  • Seeing, feeling and other ways of detecting energies, auras and energy fields
  • Interacting with energies and energy fields to communicate, balance and heal
  • Communicating non-verbally with other forms of life
  • Distance healing, sensing and communicating
  • Shape shifting methods and uses
  • Shamanic divination: casting the stones
  • Dowsing with pendulums and rods
  • Meeting and working with spiritual guides and teachers
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What people are saying about Practical Shamanism:

"My dream is to become a competent, capable, practicing shaman – to work to harmonise energies for people and places, and work towards ascension. I would like to set this as my intention.

I feel as though I have been heading for this all my life, and that this training has been a huge step forward on my path."

Helen Fairley

Crystal Healing (8-week course)

Crystals, minerals and gemstones appear naturally in many beautiful colours and forms and are shaped into jewellery and ornaments of delight. They also have the potential to bring healing and balance into all areas of your life and during this course you will learn many ways of working with them for healing, spiritual insight and for enhancing living and working spaces.

Discover how colour affects you and how an understanding of colours can enhance your life. Learn the healing properties of crystals and gemstones and how to dowse and rebalance your energy centres. Use crystals to realign and harmonise energy fields and learn how to unlock hidden information stored in crystals.

crystal healing online

Course Content:

  • Choosing, cleansing and energising crystals and minerals
  • Preparing crystals for different ways of working
  • How colours affect health and wellbeing
  • Colours healing with crystals
  • Dowsing and rebalancing chakras / energy centres
  • Harmonising living and working environments
  • Healing properties of crystals, minerals and gemstones
  • Crystal healing for plants and animals
  • Spiritual wisdom of crystals, minerals and gemstones
  • Evolving with crystalline consciousness
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What people are saying about Crystal Healing:

"The experiences I have had with my crystals as part of, or as a result of this course have been way above what I’d expected. Right from the first exercise, my experiences were stronger and more far-reaching than I had expected. The power of the crystals and their vibrations showed me what they have to offer It was encouraging to read the experiences of other course members too as part of this process in the early weeks of the course."

Robbi Campbell

Shamanic Dreaming (8-week course)

Do you enjoy vivid dreams? Would you like to do something more meaningful with your dreams? This course opens up new possibilities for your dreaming, from accessing creativity to connecting with spiritual teaching and guidance.

Learn how to remember more of your dreams and how to interact with them to unlock powerful inner resources of creativity, healing and inspiration.

You will learn how to become aware at all levels of mind, even deep in sleep, and how to use shamanic dreaming methods to connect in different and deeper ways with other forms of life. You will make contact with spiritual guidance to help you to develop your dreaming skills to enlighten your personal path and benefit the greater good of all.

shamanic dreaming

Course covers:

  • Remembering and recording dreams
  • Meeting your dream allies and other guides
  • Dreaming for creativity and invention
  • Dreaming for insights, guidance and spiritual growth
  • Dreaming for problem solving and healing the past
  • Dreaming for learning and developing new skills
  • Lucid dreaming and utilising lucidity purposefully
  • Astral travelling across time and space
  • Communicating with other beings in dreams
  • Dream weaving: creating a better future
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Shamanic dreaming Podcast (9 min 40 sec)

To download, right-click here and select "Save Target As"

What people are saying about Shamanic Dreaming :

"Firstly, the course material. I think this was of a very high standard and found it interesting, varied and fun. I think presenting the material gradually, week by week, worked really well and each week built nicely on the previous ones. There was plenty of scope in the suggested explorations and the guidance was good. All in all, I found it very stimulating and looked forward to each new piece. I think I’ll be continuing to explore this material for a long time to come.

As far as benefits go, I’d say I gained a lot from this course. I had a real sense of enhancement in terms of my dreaming experience and my ability to recall content, make connections and gain insight increased noticeably as I progressed through the material. I find my dreams to be strongly affected by setting an intention and requesting help from guides. The quality of these dreams is very different to the ones I have when I’ve just gone to sleep without doing this. This has been a strong convincer for me that something real and different is happening. One of the greatest benefits of doing this course is the ongoing nature of the learnings. I feel that I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what can be gained from the material and fully expect my learning and exploration to continue indefinitely!"

Helen F., Manchester

Tarot Magick (8-week course)

Begin your journey beyond the mystery - learn the true magick of the Tarot.

The Tarot are not just for fortune telling - they are mystical gates to other realms, keys to personal transformation and doorways to the building blocks of the Universe.

Far beyond scripted meanings, learn how to work intuitively with the energies of the cards for deep insight. Discover how to journey along the hidden paths revealed by the keys of the Tarot. Manifest your best future and work magick with the Tarot energies.

tarot magick

Course Content:

  • Week 1. Introduction to the Tarot
  • Week 2. Creating Sacred Space.
  • Week 3. Ways of Working With the Tarot
  • Week 4. Working with The Tree of Life
  • Week 5. Tarot of the Elements
  • Week 6. Divination Magick and Guidance
  • Week 7. Magickal Tarot Layouts.
  • Week 8. Further Techniques in Tarot Magick
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What people are saying about Tarot Magick :

"This course was a profound experiencing of the Tarot as it wasn't just about 'this card means that' but about tuning in and experiencing the energies of the cards. And one of the most amazing things about it was that we really did experience energy from them and it was something that I tangibly felt. Phil's knowledge and experience of the Tarot was evident. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to really get to know the Tarot."

Peter Fulcher, Manchester

Interpreting Your Dreams (8-week course) NEW

Are you curious about your dreams? If you dream frequently and remember your dreams, this course will give you the tools to understand how your dreams relate to you and what they show about your personality and your life path.

This practical course answers the questions many people have about dreaming and opens up helpful and effective ways of working with dreams for personal and spiritual development.

Exploring your own dream material, you will experience different ways of working to discover hidden meanings and powerful insights. You will also learn how to apply these insights in practical and powerful ways to your daily life.

dream interpretation

Course covers:

  • Remembering and recording dreams
  • Becoming aware of multiple layers of meaning
  • Theories and approaches for understanding dreams
  • Practical ways of working with dream material
  • Exploring dream symbols
  • Interacting with characters in the dream
  • Spirit messages in dreams
  • Shamanic dreaming methods
  • Transforming nightmares
  • Learning from recurring dreams
  • Beyond dreaming: bringing dreams into life
  • Transforming your life through your dreaming
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