One easy way to open up your spirituality through the places in between

There are other dimensions, which hold the key to developing healing, psychic and shamanic abilities. One good way to connect and open up your own abilities is to focus on the places in between and here’s how:

Go for a walk outside – anywhere will do – relax and make your going easy and comfortable. You are looking for somewhere to sit, where you are likely to be undisturbed. This doesn’t mean that you have to be somewhere quiet or alone, you may be in the midst of a crowd, just a crowd that is likely to keep going about its business.

Sit and look at the borders of things, such as rooftops or treetops against the sky, or walls against a background of shrubs. High or low, near or far, wherever your interest leads you; look around and choose a particular place to focus your gaze.

Relax, slow and deepen your breath. Soften the focus of your gaze and notice whatever you notice. You may need to sit with this for a while.

You may drift into a reverie, you may find your attention drawn to something in particular or your thoughts taking a specific direction. Go with these things and simply pay attention to your experience so that you can remember and record it later.

Now imagine extending your energy field to include the area you are focusing on as if you and your focus are enclosed in a bubble of energy. Notice what this is like.

You can also breathe in, imagining breathing in the energies of this area and breathing out to share your energies with this area.

Whenever you are ready, bring your energies, your energy field and your breath back to yourself. You will have received some impressions and learned something about yourself and the world around you. Be thankful for your experience and you are ready to go, until the next time.