New Year Intentions

Long ago I had enough of New Year’s Resolutions – who keeps to them? They just made me feel guilty for a few days until I forgot all about them.

For many years I made a wish list instead. Lots of positive plans, some just wishful thinking, some definite intentions – I’d list them all. When I was happy that my list was complete, I would read them aloud as positive, energised intentions and then I put them away in a drawer for the year.

The following December I took them out to re-read them and every year I found that I had achieved around 70% or more of them – effortlessly! Of the remainder I found that some were unimportant – perhaps they had only ever been frivolous thoughts, or perhaps they had just become outdated as other plans and projects progressed. Either way, I no longer wished for them and was happy to remove them from my list.

This process then left a small number of wishes that I still wanted, but had not yet managed to achieve. It was always worth spending a little time to think about them, to find out what had happened in these cases. Sometimes the wish or goal needed to be amended, or re-phrased and once this was done, I usually felt more positive and proactive about putting it on my next New Year’s List.

This worked well for me for many years and I commend this method to you, if you want to get things done in positively easy ways this New Year.