New Year in Shamanic Flow

Forget the old idea of New Year’s resolutions and instead start by counting your blessings. Focus on all the wonderful things in your life now – everything that you want to celebrate and continue to enjoy in the year ahead.

If you want to develop something new, ask the Universe / Spirit / God (however you call the spiritual you believe in) to help you to bring this into being in the best possible way. Frame this as something you can take steps towards yourself, for example: ‘help me to become more creative this year’

This tends to unfold all kinds of new adventures, unlimited by any presuppositions or boundaries. Changing yourself, they change your world too.

If there is something you want to stop happening or to stop doing and you can’t think of a way to phrase a positive opposite instead, simply ask for help to lift the challenge or pain. Focus on learning whatever is useful to you and move forward positively through the process of getting through the challenge.

Even if you are currently going through a very difficult time, make the effort to reconnect and to be thankful for whatever is good in your life, however tiny a light it may be. This will help to support you and will bring you more joy in greater ways as you move forward in your New Year.

Try this approach as a way of being more in the flow of your patterns and changes from this year to the next, but whichever way you choose, allow yourself to fully experience and enjoy the magic unfolding!