New Year game – Shamanic Quest

Susanna & Jerry

Susanna & Jerry


Start 2009 with a shamanic adventure: a quest for signs and portents for your year ahead! 

Decide on where to go for a walk and for how long – this can be anywhere and for any length of time – the main thing is to decide in advance.  For example you could go for a walk round town for half an hour, setting off from your front door, or you could decide to drive somewhere and set off from there for a specified length of time. 

Now this is decided, the universe can move in mysterious ways to send signs and significant events to occur during your walk. J

Now locate your owl, animal guide, significant other, family and friends and take them out with you for a walk.  (If you’re on your own, or would rather go out on your own, Intend to meet someone or something interesting on your way!)


Before you set off, decide on 1 specific thing you’re going to look for and count – such as cats, dogs, crows, Renault cars, people wearing hats, a particular type of tree – choose something you are likely to see some of, but not loads, as you don’t want to be counting throughout your walk.  If several of you are going together, you can pick the same or different things to look for and count and you can help each other, if you spot one of the other person’s things for them.


Now off you go, relax, enjoy, open up your senses to the world around you.  Notice the sights, smells, sounds, physical impressions.  Walk mostly in silence to keep your attention open to this experience.  Note anything that seems unusual, significant or that draws your attention, to reflect on later.  If you meet anyone on your way, consider any conversation and meeting significant.


When your agreed time is over and your walk completed, return home to reflect on your experience.  If you have gone in a group, you can now tell each other about the things you noticed, and you may be able to help each other interpret these things as signs and portents in relation to your year ahead.

You can creatively and freely play with exploring these symbols and meanings, and go into them in as much depth as you like.  For example, suppose you met someone who asked you for the time: you could imagine this means that people will be asking you for help / information – for your time, perhaps, in this year ahead.  You could take this as a signal to be aware of the value of your time and to use it wisely – perhaps you are someone who always helps or gives their time when asked, and maybe it would be good for you to sometimes say no.


Make it a game and a light-hearted exploration, nevertheless taking forward something positive and meaningful to you, for the year ahead.


Finally – the thing you counted?  That’s the number of wonderful surprises and pieces of good luck you are going to experience in 2009!


Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2009!



(who is now going out for a walk with Phil and Jerry Owl)