Mirrors, signs and messages

There was this odd thing – we were having a discussion, trying to reach a solution to a problem and it seemed that we were just going round in circles and getting nowhere.

Looking out of the window for some kind of sign or inspiration, I saw a lorry driving by with an open load of mounds of earth in the back. I noticed it as I looked twice to identify the load.

As we continued to talk I noticed what seemed to be the identical lorry passing again. And a short time later, I saw it again. This time I pointed it out to my partner, joking that ‘this lorry has been round several times and it’s going to keep on going round until we find a solution to this problem’. He didn’t believe me, until, watching further we both saw the identical lorry driving by again.

We continued our discussion and each time we thought we might have a solution we watched – but the lorry came round again. Very weird ‘Groundhog Day’ experience. So we kept trying different creative ideas until – the lorries stopped coming! Success!

How weird is that?
Yet useful.