Mindskills Training

In this 3 day intensive, Susanna Bellini and Phil Callaghan teach you how to access deep levels of awareness, make use of more of your mind and connect to your personal wellspring of knowledge and inspiration.

It is a well known fact that powerful resources may be accessed through meditation, self-hypnosis and guided visualization. The common element is controlled access to alpha/theta states.

These brainwave states can help you to unlock your hidden potential – and a lot more! When we operate at these levels of mind systematically and with purpose, that is when the true magic happens. To do this successfully in a way that is easy to understand, Susanna has designed the Mindskills training course. 

This course was previously offered by invitation only. It’s been requested so often that now we’ve made it generally available.

You will learn the secrets to :

  • Mental discipline – gain control of your mind.
  • Balancing your body’s energies correctly.
  • Using more of your mind, integrating ‘left brain’ and ‘right brain’ thinking.
  • The 4 common barriers to success and how to remove them – instantly!
  • Learn how to access and use alpha, theta and even delta brain-states.
  • Sleep better and awake refreshed at the time you want.
  • Attract and enjoy the relationships you want.
  • 3 powerful methods for resolving challenges and attracting positive solutions.
  • Enjoy better health and increased vitality.
  • Tap into unlimited inspiration and creativity.
  • Get answers from the universal consciousness data bank.
  • Remote viewing.
  • Remote influencing and healing.

AND – If you’re trained in NLP, this material will help you to increase your personal effectiveness dramatically. This course will prepare you to gain even more from our Shamanic and Dreamweaving trainings. The skills taught in this seminar will help you to draw greater enjoyment from your life and add to all of your existing skills. And if you’re one of those people who can use techniques to create dramatic results for others, but they don’t seem to work on yourself, we have a solution that you will find surprising, yetpowerful in its simplicity.

In this Mindskills training, we combine the best of new mind technology together with the most powerful tried-and-tested techniques – and the result is extraordinary. When you regularly practice the skills and techniques you’ll learn, the value is greatly magnified.

Course Outline

Theory & root influences of Mindskills training

Silva Method, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, NLP, Silva Ultramind ESP
Functioning of the brain – brain cycles per second – Beta – alpha – theta – delta
Theories and functioning of the ‘three selves’
Activating ‘whole brain’ functionality
Accessing ‘higher consciousness’
Accessing Beta / Alpha / Theta / Delta brainwave states under conscious control

Mental aspects

Effective methods for mind and body relaxation
Headache control / pain control
Creating healthier sleep patterns and awakening fresh at specific times
Personal anchoring for rapid re-accessing of specific states
Methods for programming and problem solving
Extending your comfort zone
Dreams – encouraging dreams for specific purposes
Dreams – remembering and utilising dream information
‘Effective sensory projection’
Establishing reference points for minerals, plants, animals and the human body
Utilising references for remote viewing and information gathering
Remote viewing
Remote influencing
Mental ‘adverts’

Energy aspects

Clearing re-balancing and energising
Clearing ‘blocks’ and ‘resistance’ to change
Energy testing for accurate and consistent results
Testing for direction of energy flow, stress levels, etc
Corrections to energy flow, stress relief, etc
Testing ‘left brain’ and ‘right brain’ functioning – re-balancing for integrated functioning
Testing ‘radiant flows’ – activating and strengthening
Self testing
Testing the psychic centre – opening and strengthening the psychic centre
Energising water
Stepping into another’s energy body & testing

Tools for Guidance and Manifestation

Three selves hook-up and confirmation
Setting up ‘missions’
Council of Elders – alpha boardroom
Sacred space – inner source of power and connection
Working with Guides

What people are saying about Mindskills training:

“Another amazing Bronze Dragon course that came at the right time in my life. It showed me energy at work and how to use my mind in a more productive and positive way.”

Julie Pearce, York

“This course was great, really interesting and an eye opener.”

Carol Saunders, Carol Saunders Swim School

“I felt this course helped me to ‘open’ my energy channels. Loved the combination of energy medicine plus mind skills work.”

Trish Gallagher

“Great insightful course with skills usable in everyday life, in terms of stress relief, manifestation and balancing energy. Another excellently run course with great group dynamic, thanks to Susanna and Phil.”

M G Stoyle

“This course has really got me thinking! I now realise that there’s a lot more to manifesting, which is great, as it means I will be able to bring into my life exactly what I want.

The remote viewing techniques, asking for answers and the practical energy techniques taught on this course will be invaluable in helping me develop my skills and understanding of mind/body/energy influences.

On a personal level, I now realise that before I can release my creativity and/or harness my intelligence, I have to learn to discipline my mind. In 3 days I’ve discovered how easy it is to relax and take myself into a deeper state of mind – where anything is possible!

Thank you Susanna and Phil!”

Liz Powell, Trainer, Expert Patients Programme

“With all the courses offered for teambuilding etc. in the business world, I sincerely feel every trainer should have a session with Susanna and Phil, to re-calibrate their beliefs and emerge with new creative ideas.  Great!”

Arnoud Hermes, Project Manager, Newell Rubbermaid, The Netherlands

“All in all I am totally amazed by the content and change which came out of these three days. I hope and trust that I am worthy of the skills you have given me.”

Andy Tankard, Director, Holisys Ltd

“Absolutely fantastic. I have obtained skills that have changed my life already. Brilliant. Susanna’s enthusiasm shone through. The ability to control the mind opens up amazing possibilities that you may have thought would be unachievable, but it’s all there just ready to be tapped in to. You also get to do cool things like remote viewing with unbelievable accuracy.

If you want to move yourself forwards and learn skills that will change your life – DO THIS COURSE!!”

J Spencer

“The course was great, I like the balance of the mindskills with the energy medicine. I found the creation of an inner sanctuary a very powerful experience and surprisingly emotional!”

Joanna Rowlands, Training Manager, Manchester

“The most useful skills and benefits I gained were: mind tracking, increased concentration span, personal insight, parallel thinking and energy balancing to include daily in my life both professionally and personally.”

Jane Wilding, PFT Bodycore, Freelance

“I have learned that I can change negative beliefs from early childhood into positive and uplifting ones. I will apply these skills in achieving my life goals. Also there are tools I can now pass to my children to help them.”

Angela Clarke

“I can’t thank you enough for all the techniques you’ve taught me and for the amazing wealth of information you have. I would probably have had to read a 100 books to finally get the information you taught me in a few days.”

Julie Bishop, Assistant Accountant, Scotland

“Amazing. An easy way to do fantastic things.”

Peter Fulcher, Carer, Manchester

“It’s likely that this course might have changed my life – I’ve never experienced anything like this before – it’s completely blown my mind.”

Kevin Chappell

“I have developed my ESP skills. I have connected with people, feelings and thoughts on a much deeper level. I will continue to explore Alpha and Theta states, I will use these states to manifest more in my life. Excellent trainers, two great human beings.”

Hakeem, Leeds

“I wasn’t convinced in the beginning that I would be able to do remote viewing, but I surprised myself when I got aspects of it come out with complete accuracy, even where I thought I got it wrong! There are so many places one could apply this material and perhaps it is really the missing link!! The energy medicine material Phil did really should be known by all, even people just doing NLP type courses. Perhaps also here is another missing link. I would undoubtedly recommend this course!”

J.K., Software Designer, Stockholm

“This course provided a consistent way of achieving, flowing, connecting to inner self and higher self for a variety of different reasons: healing, life planning etc. Lovely, relaxed format.”

Alison Vail, NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki II Practitioner

“Overall an extremely powerful 3 days, packed with information, that I would recommend to anyone interested in harnessing the true powers of the mind. Susanna and Phil are excellent instructors with a wealth of experience and knowledge.”

P M Ridgway

“The course is very intense and at first seemed quite overwhelming. Now there is just lots of excitement around the potential to affect such impressive change. Sincere thanks.”

Judy Browne, Consultant

“The condensed nature of the course has had a powerful effect. Also it’s great to meet a group of people with a diverse background, yet all on the path. Many thanks!”

James Petry

“Great course, excellent value. Lots covered and extras. Manifestation seems most useful to me. Healing techniques very cool. Business uses etc. etc. “

Colin G Smith

“Excellent – wanted proof – got it! Possibilities are endless!”

Raj Saini

“Gained – Remote learning and remote healing (using non-local info). (This was the most useful part of this training) Also exercises to get me more into right brain. “

Rob Irwin

“At first the end goal seems impossible, but as the days roll on it becomes clearer that it is no longer impossible. The skills acquired are truly magical.”

Tim Peatfield

“After taking Reiki I and II, the Shamanix weekend and Mindskills, I now feel well “tooled-up”! It’s as if all these energies and techniques have come together and made more sense than individual courses and techniques. These will be used to help me and my family, and others, to do well and be happy in whatever they do. Also to connect more with our earth, animals, plants etc. Yippee!!!”

Richard Histon, East Yorkshire

“The visualisation (personal space) area will be a very useful tool in resolving problems, issues in both my work and personal life. The introduction to the energy tools has been and I believe will be useful to me in the future in creating resourceful states. Another great course.”

Ade Hollingsworth, IT Co-ordinator

Mindskills – a review:

“I signed up for this course not really knowing what to expect. I had a vague idea, to be honest it sounded really heavy going, however I did know that I needed more mental discipline and that was about it.

To my surprise and I am very pleased to say that it is so much more than that. This course helped release, transform and change a lot of confusion I had about myself and what negative beliefs and assumptions I had taken on from other people and situations. Within the first day, or shall I say the first part of the day, I began to realise so much and a lot of confusion had been sorted out and cleared. The exercises seem to bring everything into a clarity and focus and I realised how much confusion and misunderstanding that I had been carrying and what was even more shocking, was that I had clung on to the beliefs and ideas for years.

By lunchtime on the first day, I felt like I had dropped about 10 years and there was a noticeable difference in my energy. Even my dreams reflected the change that was happening within me as I untangled and worked through all the confusion and misunderstandings that I had been carrying. Susanna throughout the course made it practical, down to earth and logical, so you do get it and understand. I was amazed at how much we covered. We looked at healing, remote viewing, I even astral projected! – The simple but powerful techniques Susanna taught me enabled me to do that.

This is an extremely powerful course with simple techniques and exercises; I would recommend this to anyone from all walks of life. Its usefulness is an asset to anyone, from confidence building, effective communication, healing etc. This course will help me with all of that. Thanks again, Susanna, I am so glad I did this course.”

Katrina Appleby, Support Worker, East Sussex

‘This course was brilliant! Susanna’s passion for the subject shone throughout the course, giving us all the encouragement to get magical benefits and results.’

Colin G Smith