Is it time to have a “mid-life crisis”?

Read on to decide and if it is time for a crisis, mid-life or otherwise, embrace the changes and make them positive.

Are you surrounded by warm, loving family, friends who are good company and supportive, work or study colleagues who are helpful, positive and creative?

If not – it’s time for a change! Don’t “settle” – go for what you want. Be the kind of person you want to have around and then look for like-minded people.

Do you spend most of your work day doing things you enjoy and getting paid for it, or are you learning things that will enhance your life by studying them?
If not – it’s time for a change! You may not be able to change your studies or your career right now, but if you don’t love what you’re doing, start to plan and start making changes. If you don’t know what you want to do – start researching and exploring new options.

Is your life filled with spiritual inspiration and meaning?
If not, make a space for this in your heart and soul and open all your senses to the possibility of Spirit. Allow yourself to be guided towards the people, places and experiences that open up the mysteries and blessings of spirituality.

Are you as happy, healthy, fit and filled with energy as you want to be?

If not, start adding things and changing things to your diet, exercise and creativity. If you are in pain, get help! – There are lots of possibilities out there and there will be things to help and suit you. Just make sure anything you do is moving you in a positive direction, i.e. move away from “shoulds” and “giving up” things and move your thoughts and actions towards adding, changing and replacing in positive ways.

Are you successful?
If your immediate answer is “no” and you feel “a failure”, the first thing to do is to check your measure of success. Is it your measure, or that of society, your parents or teachers? What kind of success do you really want? What would make you happiest and most fulfilled? Make sure the success you are after is what matters most to you.

Next ask yourself, whether you are setting yourself “impossibly high” goals. If honest assessment shows that the success you want is beyond your reach, you have two choices – feel bad or change your goals. If you want to go for your high goal, then adjust your thinking to enjoy the journey and the experience and make sure you feel good about yourself whatever happens.