Intuition Mega Booster

Did you know that you need to exercise your intuition, just as you exercise your mind and body, if you want it to perform at peak magnificence?

Start easy

Find out where you are right now by asking yourself:

• Do you get intuitions?
• How often do you notice them?
• Do you act on them?

a) If you’re an intuition couch potato, you might not even think you have them! If this is you, start easy by prompting yourself with little things and acting on the resulting impulses. Do I feel like coffee or tea right now? Shall I eat lunch at my desk or go sit in the park? Do whatever your first choice is and notice the results. Don’t worry, your intuition will wake up again and start moving for you.

b) Are you an intuition random wonderer? You are if you do a bit here and there, you are aware of some intuitions, but you probably don’t act on them and just recall them after the event. If this is you, practice noticing and acting on your intuitions at the time you have them.

c) Intuition fit? Congratulations! You get intuitions, pay attention and act on them with successful results – good for you! Now – do you realise that there is practically no end to the fabulous things your intuition can do for you? None that I’ve found, anyway, and I live in an easy flow of active intuition and intuitive action most of the time these days.

Mega boost your intuition

Once you’ve woken your intuition and are exercising it on a regular basis, it’s time to stretch yourself:

1) Ask for intuitive input on all kinds of things, but especially on major decisions and dare to act on them.

2) When a big, scary intuition occurs to you unexpectedly, grasp the opportunity and act on it.

3) Ask for big, scary intuitions!