Intuition : Can you trust yours with your life?

Do you know what will happen if you follow your intuitions?

We’ve all had experiences of ‘just knowing’ something and if we paid attention and followed that intuition, we’re always glad and grateful for the results.

However the hardest thing to do seems to be to encourage more of those happy events. If you’ve ever tried to intuit the winning number or to get any specific intuitions ‘on demand’, you’ve probably failed. In my last blog post I wrote of some ways you could practice and encourage yourself to have more intuitions, but if you really want success, you have to approach this in a completely different way.

The real challenge is a leap of faith and bravery further:

Sometimes you may have no idea what to ask for, where you are going, what you are doing, but even at these times you can simply ask for an intuition about what to do next.

All you will get is the next little intuition, which may seem totally irrelevant or unrelated to you, your life and your aspirations.

Your challenge is to act on it with no idea what it means and whether it is even in line with your wishes and plans. This is where true bravery is called for: to follow a faint trail of breadcrumbs, not knowing where they lead, but just ‘intuiting’ that this is something good for you.

In time you will find out that this is a deeper stream, an inner knowing, a greater vision for your life, guided by something wise and wonderful.

If you can notice and follow these subtle intuitions, you and your life will be ecstatic and best of all – right for you.