How to see your own aura

What colour is your aura, the energy field surrounding your body? If you have ever wondered what colour or colours predominate in your energy field and what they indicate about your character, here is one way to find out:

Try this in a darkened room, focusing on a single point of light, such as the lighted end of a joss stick, or a small torchlight. The room does not have to be completely black, just dark enough so that you are not distracted by the contents of the room around you.

Focus on the light with a relaxed, steady gaze for a couple of minutes. Close your eyes and you will still see the light for a few moments, which may start to float upwards and vanish. Open your eyes, focus again on the light, close your eyes again and practice holding the image of the light in place. Do this a few times, eyes open, eyes closed, looking at the light.

Soon, with your eyes closed, you will start to notice other colours around the light. These are the predominant colours of your personal energy field or aura. There will most likely be one or two brighter colours.

It would take a lot of time to explore the meaning of the colours and combinations you may see, but a very quick and rough guide is:

Black/dark brown: negative, non-spiritual, depressed, angry
Red/orange: passionate, impulsive, driven, physical
Green: nature-oriented, intuitive, compassionate
Yellow: intelligent, mentally focused, inquiring mind
Blue: spiritual, healer, calm, organised
White/Purple: spiritual, serene, meditative

If at first you don’t succeed in seeing your colours, you just need more practice. If you become frustrated, leave the experiment to another time. You need to be in a relaxed, calm, detached state of mind, simply focusing on the light, closing your eyes and using your mental focus to hold the light in your mind’s eye. Soon you will be able to see the colours and acquiring the skills of calm, detached, mental focus will also help you to succeed in many other aspects of mental, psychic or spiritual development.

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