Hot and stressed in summer? Crystal relaxation can cool, calm and recollect you

We love sunshine and heat in summer, but if you have to live or work in a city it can get too hot and stressful for comfort.

Crystals and gemstones look, feel and exude cool, calm and beautiful and you can easily share some of these qualities by spending just a little time with them.

You’ll need 6 or 7 tumbled stones, which are inexpensive and easy to find if you don’t already have some. These are my picks (and where you’ll place them) for cooling, calming and soothing stresses, tensions and physical discomforts when life heats up too much:

Crystal layout order from top to bottom:

Snowy (or clear) quartz (above your head)
Amethyst (touching the top of your head)
Sodalite (forehead)
Blue lace agate (throat)
Rose quartz (heart)
Aventurine (solar plexus)
Citrine (belly)
Smoky quartz (above tailbone or in between your legs)


3 ways to enjoy the cooling and calming benefits:

1) Lie down on a bed, sofa or the ground and place the tumbled stones (or have someone do this for you) on your body as above.

2) Lie down and place the tumbled stones in a heart shape on your chest.

3) Hold the tumbled stones in your cupped hands.

Close your eyes, slow and deepen your breath and relax for 5 to 20 minutes. Shorter is not enough time to notice the benefits, longer is unnecessary.

This simple practice will help you to feel calm, centred, relaxed and mentally, emotionally, and maybe even physically, cooler.

Would you like to know more about relaxing and healing with crystals? Have a look at our 8 week online course here: