Feeling stuck – this life hack will set you free

A powerful secret life hack emerged from my years of experience in helping, coaching, mentoring and teaching and I would like to share it with you:

I gradually realised that whatever a person came for, therapeutic or life expanding, one thing would point my way forward to helping them.

I first shared this as an answer to a Quora question ‘What’s the most outstanding life hack’ and you can now read it here:

My most outstanding life hack will give you direction whenever you’re stuck and it is easy to remember and apply. It will also double your effectiveness in every area of your life.

It will:

  • expand your brain power
  • quadruple your creativity
  • overcome your problems
  • increase your confidence
  • make you fitter, healthier
  • increase your earning power
  • double your chances of success in every area of life

and loads more.

Here it is:

Do the opposite

Let me expand that a little: whatever you are good at right now, you have that down as a skill or asset to keep and enjoy. If you also learn to do the opposite you create new brain connections, double your possibilities and resources and overcome your ‘blocks’ and challenges.

Take for example someone who is diagnosed OCD and probably knows they need to become more comfortable allowing a little dirt, untidiness or disorder into their life. However long it takes and however they go about it, this is what they need to do. The sooner they actually start doing the opposite, the sooner they take control of their lives.

Or suppose you have someone who is slow and methodical. Maybe they’ve always had all the time in the world to get the job done, so they can be precise, detailed, accurate. Then they are thrust into the world of work and deadlines where ‘good enough’ is the standard and they need to get there fast. If they know to immediately focus their action on doing the opposite they will succeed much faster – and they can still be precise and detailed when it makes a difference.

Realise that doing the opposite is the one thing you must do to break free.

Think about where you are on the scale between these extremes:

  • Clean / dirty
  • Tidy / messy
  • Minimal / cluttered
  • Anxious / calm
  • Aggressive / peaceful
  • Detailed / big picture
  • Procrastinating / motivated
  • Directionless / focused
  • Right handed / left handed
  • Serious / light hearted
  • Indoors person / outdoors person

You get the idea – whatever is ‘not you’, try it out for a while. You may have to learn how and practice, but it is totally worth it. The more extreme you are now, the more difference practicing the opposite will make.

I’m not suggesting that you keep doing the opposite. Become able to do the opposite as well as what you already do, to expand your range and bring more balance into your life.

If you’re ever stuck and don’t know what to do next: do the opposite.

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