“It’s about – well certainly in my case – why we want to dream, what are we dreaming for and what elements do we use to do the weaving… This is experiential and what you bring to the course is yours and yours alone, but from that there can be such a vastness and richness previously unknown to you before and that’s about all I can tell you.”

Katrina Appleby, Support Worker, East Sussex

In every culture, the mysterious world of dreams has been a valuable source of guidance and healing. Powerful dream images and experiences have also been instrumental in great discoveries and revolutionary ideas that have transformed humanity. We spend fully one third of our lives sleeping – and dreaming – yet few of us realise the important place that the dream world has in our lives.

History reveals that shamans and prophets placed great importance in dreams. They believed dreams were messages from the spirit world, predicting future events, providing warnings and guidance or acting as experiences to heal the body and mind.

Of the great psychiatrists, both Freud and Jung both greatly valued the information from dreams. They considered the dream landscape to be the pure realm of the unconscious mind.

In her 3 day Dreamweaving seminar, Susanna Bellini guides participants through the dream world, the realm of magic where anything is possible.

Susanna Bellini is the creator of Shamanix™, a Reiki Master, NLP trainer, author and mentor .

Susanna has spent years researching the traditional energy practices of many world cultures and has distilled them into a practical and straightforward system, which she calls Shamanix™.

Join her to learn the shamanic dream techniques, reaching far beyond mere psychology into the realm of magic and energy. 

You will learn how to :

  • Take control of the dream-world.
  • Open up new possibilities.
  • Rehearse excellence.
  • Clear away the past.
  • Have lucid dreams.
  • Use dreams for problem solving.
  • Access more of your unused potential.
  • Manifest your desires through dreams.
  • Defend yourself psychically in the dream world.
  • Travel astrally and explore other realms.
  • Dream on behalf of others (for guidance, healing and soul retrieval.)

…and much more. You can apply these teachings in any area of your life, to great effect.

Whether you want to :

  • Become more creative
  • Communicate with your unconscious mind
  • Master your inner self
  • Bring greater clarity and inner resources into every area of your life
  • Manifest wealth, better relationships and more luck
  • Meet spirits and other beings in dreams

you can use the tools presented in Susanna Bellini’s Dreamweaving for success in any of these aims.

Dreamweaving Course Outline

Please note: This is an advanced course, run with a small group, which makes it possible to cover so much material in depth.

Day One: Dreamwork / Interpretation

  • Dream recall, dream journal, dream incubation
  • Levels of meaning – surface/current, medium/on-going, deep/life themes
  • Types of dreams – Day residue, learning/rehearsal, creative / inspirational, telepathic, precognitive.
  • Analysis – themes, levels of meaning, methods: cognitive, Gestalt, Senoi
  • Day dreaming / Trance states / Re-entering dreams

Day Two: Shamanic Dreaming

  • Lucid dreaming – how to do it and what to do with it
  • Training dreams, programming dreams, working with dream/awake phases in the night.
  • Meeting and working with Guides
  • Dream Walking – for self and on behalf of others
  • Trance journeying – for information, healing, for others, for the community
  • Soul retrieval – restoring parts of the Self: guiding or on behalf of others

Day Three: Dreamweaving the future / new realities

  • Astral travel – the dreamscape / sleepwalkers / spirits / thoughtforms / other beings, entities and worlds
  • Dreaming realities – Personal / community / global
  • Journeying to specific places in the dream realms
  • Dreamweaving and weaving energies / threads
  • Responsibilities and code of conduct

Certification Path:

Dreamweaving Stage 1 (attendance certificate) received on successful completion of the 3-day Dreamweaving Intensive.

3 x dreamweaving case studies + re-take Dreamweaving Intensive to qualify for Dreamweaving practitioner certification

3 + 3 = 6 Emotional competence

1 x dreamweaving case study is required (alongside Shamanix case studies) as part of Shamanix practitioner certification

What people are saying about Dreamweaving:

“As I write this, I don’t know what I can tell you, which would be any use to you or why indeed you would sign up for this course. I signed up for the course wanting to know more, but I arrived realising that I knew nothing about Dream Weaving. I’ve heard the words bandied about, something mysterious and powerful, but in a ‘New Age’ concept, ‘weave your own dreams’, it all sounds light and fluffy, right!

I, having experienced a taste of it over the 3 days, can honestly say it’s far more than that, above and beyond the light and fluffy. Yes, there are those elements to it, but it’s about – well certainly in my case – why we want to dream, what are we dreaming for and what elements do we use to do the weaving and that’s what was important for me, because it brought me right back to Self.

This is experiential and what you bring to the course is yours and yours alone, but from that there can be such a vastness and richness previously unknown to you before and that’s about all I can tell you.

Susanna explains and encourages things to happen in her own unique way. All I can say is that I am so glad to have come to the course and started a wonderful process for myself and life around me, so once again thank you Susanna.”

Katrina Appleby, Support Worker, East Sussex

“A dramatic and powerful introduction to lucid dreaming and shamanic journeying. After two days of the course I was able to begin to dream lucidly.

The dream interpretation and resolution techniques are of immediate use to my therapy work, and I am most excited at the possibilities that can open up as I develop my shamanic skills.”

Rob Irwin, Hypnotist, London

“Another fascinating mind blowing course that I would recommend without reservation to anyone interested in the world of dreams and journeying. Extremely powerful techniques, amazing exercises and a great focused group of people, all brought together by Susanna’s wonderful teaching abilities. A superb 3 days.”

Peter Ridgway

“This course was an exciting journey into the world of dreams, which has opened up a previously untapped area of my life.  I now feel confident in being able to recall dreams and to work with them to gain insights and for healing. I am also beginning to have lucid dreams, now I know how to do it, I can direct dreams whilst I am having them. I was very pleased to have met some guides and I now feel that my senses and intuition are more finely tuned and heightened.”

“The exercises where we journeyed with a partner, working with their dreams, and when we gathered information for another person in the outside world were particularly interesting and I was surprised at how well these worked.”

“Susanna presented the course and led us through the exercises in such a way that things seemed to happen easily and naturally. Having time to discuss our experiences with each other after each exercise was of great value. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in exploring and working with their dreams.”

Peter Fulcher, Carer, Manchester

“Biggest insights:

  • Remembered dream -> go back into it as a trance journey and change it.
  • Dream for other people.
  • Make changes by ending a dream with new content. Dreams can now be put to good use.
  • ‘Trance Quests’ – Gained more confidence and increased awareness of how it weaves into ‘reality.’ ”

Colin Smith

“If you thought that this seminar was just about dream interpretation, you’d be dead wrong. Dreamweaving is certainly an advanced course – and the depth at which we became able to work with each other was impressive.

Susanna wove her magic seamlessly throughout the weekend, and we all learned an incredible amount about ourselves and about working effectively in the realm of dreams.

If you want a powerful toolkit for self-discovery and for creating deep changes, I’d recommend Dreamweaving.”

Philip Callaghan, NLP Trainer and Life Coach