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Shamanic Dream Work and Journeying - Dreamweaving

Throughout the ages, the mysterious world of dreams has been a valuable source of guidance and healing. Powerful dream images and experiences have been instrumental in great discoveries and revolutionary ideas that have transformed humanity.

Shamans place great importance in dreams. They believe dreams are messages from the spirit world, predicting future events, providing warnings and guidance or acting as experiences to heal the body and mind.

NEW! Susanna Bellini talks about dreams on BBC Radio York - Download the audio clip

Dream Work 1 Day Training:

Dream Work seminar
How would you like to work in harmony with your deep unconscious?
During this experiential day, participants will be able to explore the insights, learning and possibilities within their own dreams using the main models of dreamwork.

Shamanic Dreaming Online Training:

On our 8-week Online Shamanic Dreaming training, you can learn how to have lucid dreams, travel astrally, enhance your learning and more. This training course consists of practical sessions with written/audio content, personal assignments and casework, course forums and personal blogs to share and discuss your progress. Unlike other online trainings, Susanna will also be transmitting teachings and attunements remotely through energy transfer, personal constellations and teaching dreams.

Dream Work and Journeying - 3 day Training:

Dreamweaving seminar
In this advanced 3 day seminar, Susanna Bellini teaches the shamanic art of Dreamweaving. This includes approaches to dream work, journeying, lucid dreaming, manifestation and psychic dream defense and more.

For a complete course outline, go here.

Dreamweaving FAQ
Your questions about Shamanic dream work and journeying may be answered in our FAQ.

Dreamweaving quotes
Find out what participants are saying about their experience on the 3 day  Dreamweaving seminar.

Dream work guide
An article for those who want a quick start guide to practical dream work.

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