Crystals help healing and teaching

I am working lots more with crystals again. Why? Because they make everything so much easier for both myself and my course participants, whether we are engaging in healing, other applications of energy work, sensory and psychic skills development or shamanic training. Crystals help and make it all so much easier.

How do they do this?

  • Crystals reflect and hold perfect balanced stable form, a good, grounded, predictable frame within which to work.
  • Crystals are the perfect balanced channel for energy and help to move energies into physical manifestation.
  • Different structures and crystal lattices flow energy in different ways, which once understood and learned makes them the perfect partners for energy work.

Crystals, minerals and gemstones – the whole of the mineral kingdom – offers a great deal of flexibility: access to all the vibrational frequencies of colour, plus the specific mineral properties. Working energetically avoids the side effects that can come from applying these elements physically, while still retaining all the positive properties and strength.

Those are all the practical reasons.

Crystals are also beautiful to have around, they look and feel satisfying, inspire creative flow and renew a sense of wonder and delight.

Working energetically with and through crystals tends to promote balance and clarity, reduce ego issues, smooth out inconsistencies and to make up for any lack of experience in the operator.

In fact they tend to inspire and uplift those who work with them, bringing their energies in line with balance and harmony, increasing clarity of thought, action and energy flow.

So when I teach, the thoughts and words come clearer and easier and it is easier to transmit teachings energetically and experientially, communicating on many levels at the same time.

Healing can be clearer and stronger and it is easier to transcend ego and become a purer, stronger channel for healing through the medium of crystals.

It is possible to achieve all these things without crystals, you just have to work at it harder to keep focus, maintain balance, transcend ego, communicate and flow energies in the best way on multiple levels.

Why not make it all so much easier? My response is yes, for sure.
Why didn’t I do this earlier? I felt (for a variety of reasons) that it was best to teach Reiki, crystals, shamanism, dreaming etc. separately and distinctly as practitioner trainings. I still believe this is best for practitioner training – but you may notice a few more crystals around in the room, just quietly doing their thing to support the training!