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Crystal Healing

The energy properties of crystals and minerals have been used for healing, divination, energy enhancement and spiritual development since ancient times. Each mineral, crystal or rock has a specific chemical composition, physical structure and physical properties and each has specific energy vibrational frequencies and properties. These can be accessed and channeled for healing and the great advantage of such vibrational medicine, is that there are none of the side affects that can result from physically applying substances internally or externally.

We offer different levels and types of training in the uses of minerals and gemstones:

Crystal Healing Training:

Our 2-day Crystals and Colour training provides a thorough practical grounding in the many ways of interacting with crystals, minerals and gemstones to benefit yourself, others and the environment.

On our 8-week Online Crystal Healing training, you can learn how to work with crystals for healing, insight and personal evolution. This training course consists of practical sessions with written/audio content, personal assignments and casework, course forums and personal blogs to share and discuss your progress. Unlike other online trainings, Susanna will also be transmitting teachings and attunements remotely through energy transfer, personal constellations and teaching dreams.

crystals and minerals

Crystal Enlightenment and other specialised and advanced crystal/shamanic energy trainings and special events are available from time to time. Some will be listed here and some are by invitation only to former Bronze Dragon students and others with relevant shamanic / crystal / energy work qualifications and experience. If you are interested in such special events, please apply with details of your background, training and interests so that we may send you details of relevant events.

Crystal Healing Resources:

What is Crystal Healing?
Read this short article to find out more.

Crystal, mineral & gemstone books
Go here to view our recommended reading list for Crystal & Gem Therapy Practitioners.

Real Color Wheel
Go here to see Don Jusko's detailed and accurate colour wheel (external link)

Crystal Elements of Color
Don Jusko's mineral elements crystal color chart (external link)

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