Crystal Healing Course

Apart from the obvious beauty of gems and minerals, have you ever thought about how the energies of these stones may be affecting your health and wellbeing? Have you considered how they may enhance your personal creativity and even how they can help you to develop as a spiritual and purposeful being?

If you would like to know more about how crystals, gems and minerals subtly exercise beneficial effects, choose this course to open a new world of wonder. You will learn how to choose and place the right energies in your environment at work and home, to enhance your activities and wellbeing in those places. You will learn how the stones in your jewellery are affecting you, so that you can select when and where to wear them with awareness.


Discover how colour affects you, whether the colour of your clothes or colour in your environment. Add these new understandings to your design and colour schemes, but also learn how to overcome negative effects of colours in environments you cannot change.

This course also introduces ways of using colour and mineral properties of crystals, minerals and gemstones for healing yourself and others. They can also be applied to help care for your pets, plants and to create healing, restful or energizing environments for the benefit of yourself and others.

As you explore how colour and crystals flow, channel and affect energies, you will learn more about yourself, as well as the colours, minerals and gemstones.

This is an experiential journey of discovery you can make for your pleasure, for your wellbeing or to explore whether you are drawn to pursue a healing path, such as colour healing, crystal and gem therapy or feng shui.

Crystal Healing 8 week course
Discover how colour affects you and how an understanding of colours can enhance your life. Learn the healing properties of crystals and gemstones and how to dowse and rebalance your energy centres. Use crystals to realign and harmonise energy fields and learn how to unlock hidden information stored in crystals.
crystal healing online Course Content:

  • Choosing, cleansing and energising crystals and minerals
  • Preparing crystals for different ways of working
  • How colour affects your health and wellbeing
  • Colours healing with crystals
  • Dowsing and rebalancing chakras / energy centres
  • Harmonising living and working environments
  • Healing properties of crystals, minerals and gemstones
  • Crystal healing for plants and animals
  • Spiritual wisdom of crystals, minerals and gemstones
  • Evolving with crystalline consciousness

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Your Mentor (if you choose the mentored course):

Susanna Bellini qualified as a Crystal Healer in 1996, working as a healer and teaching workshops in the UK. She taught Crystal & Gem therapy practitioner trainings from 1999 until 2015.

Susanna started to develop online courses in 2008 to bring her knowledge and experience to a wider audience. At the moment we do not offer Crystal Healing practitioner trainings online, but she continues to add new courses and this may change in the future.

Susanna is also qualified and experienced in the practice and teaching of a number of other healing therapies (see full qualifications here).

What people are saying about Crystal Healing:

“The experiences I have had with my crystals as part of, or as a result of this course have been way above what I’d expected. Right from the first exercise, my experiences were stronger and more far-reaching than I had expected”
Robbi C

“Very enlightening course. Clear demonstrations of how crystals can be influential in the environment and as healing tools.”

“The course gave me confidence to use the crystals in everyday life and receive even more enjoyment from them. I would recommend this course for anyone who has any interest in crystals”
Julie P

“Very good content and easy to learn and to follow.”

“I enjoyed myself thoroughly and got a far greater insight into crystals, how they work, how to care for them and what you can actually do with them. I learned far more than I expected to.”