Crystal Awareness

This weekend provides an excellent practical grounding in the many ways of interacting with crystals, minerals and gemstones for the benefit of your self, others and the environment. You will learn practical skills, techniques and underlying principles, which will allow you to continue your own journey of exploration and learning long after this weekend is over.

Bronze Dragon training is practical, experiential and does not require acceptance of any particular belief system. While we may discuss ideas, theories and background to crystal healing and energy work, the emphasis is on practical, provable methods and techniques. This weekend forms the necessary foundation to continue to Crystal & Gem Therapy practitioner training if you wish.

Course content:

  • Ways of choosing which quartz crystals, rough and tumbled minerals and gemstones to buy for personal use, to give to others, or to use for different purposes.
  • Caring for your crystals – cleansing, dedicating and energising them.
  • Exploring different ways of working with crystals: self-healing, meditation, journeying, massage, enhancing the energy of homes, offices and outside spaces etc.
  • Programming crystals to work in different ways for you.
  • Developing awareness and sensitivity to crystalline and mineral energies and noticing changes in your own and others’ energy systems while working with gems and minerals.
  • Developing sensitivity and intuition with regard to the energies and properties of minerals, through meditation, visualisation and practical sensory-based exercises.
  • Introduction to the chakra energy system.
  • Introducing the effects of colour in crystal healing and personal development work.
  • Experiencing properties of a basic healing range of minerals and gemstones.
  • Dowsing chakras to detect imbalances using a crystal pendulum.
  • Balancing chakras to correct imbalances using a crystal pendulum.
  • Giving and receiving a basic chakra gem stone layout.


This course involves both practical work and theoretical knowledge and uses accelerated learning techniques in relaxed states to assist your assimilation of the material. Methods include lecture, discussion, meditation, visualisation and practical experiential work.


A willingness to relax, enjoy yourself and experiment, with an open mind. Wear comfortable clothes and bring pen and paper for your personal notes. (You will also receive course notes on the subjects covered).


Susanna Bellini first learned hands-on energy healing in 1987; she began her training in Crystal Healing in Brighton in 1992, then took a 2-year Diploma in Crystal & Gem Therapy, qualifying in January 1996. Susanna has taught Crystal & Gem therapy practitioner training since 1999, and is also a qualified NLP trainer, Shamanix™ trainer, counsellor, hypnotherapist and Reiki Master healer.

What people are saying about Crystal Awareness:

“A very inspirational weekend on many, many levels.”

Gill Javed, RMHN, North Ayrshire

“A very valuable and interesting journey exploring the world of crystals and healing. Definitely recommended to anyone with or without previous knowledge or understanding of crystals.”

Shehzad Javed, Psychiatrist, Scotland

“Very well presented and tailored to requirements of our group, with adjustments to the interests expressed by us throughout. A big breakthrough for me personally to actually see auras in colour!!

It has stimulated the desire to learn and understand more about energy and its uses and not just through crystals.”

Chris Southern

“Very good content and easy to learn and to follow.”

Bilal Jairi, Bradford

“Gives me more insight into healing, also helps with tuition for others. Puts things into perspective as to the simplification of crystal healing. It need not be the complicated therapy it may seem.”

C M Phillips

This course was the first time I had ever worked with crystals having only admired their beauty before. I thoroughly enjoyed Susanna’s presentation finding them easy to understand, fun and informative. The course gave me confidence to use the crystals in everyday life and receive even more enjoyment from them. I would recommend this course for anyone who has any interest in crystals and I look forward to attending the next Crystal Healing programme.

– Julie Pearce

Very enlightening course. Clear demonstrations of how crystals can be influential in the environment and healing tools. Motivation inspired for putting knowledge acquired into practice for both helping myself and others. A springboard for further exploration!

– Eleni Georgeos

“Excellent as an awareness of energy and healing and opens up all new horizons. Would work beautifully with Reiki and NLP and Feng Shui.”

– Tina Pickin, National Training Manager

” The most valuable aspect of the course was learning how to tune into the crystals and choose appropriate ones for myself and other people and also seeing and experiencing how they affect myself and the other participants. Susanna taught and led us in an excellent way encouraging us to use our intuitions”

– Peter Fulcher, Carer, Manchester

“Good wide ranging introduction to crystals and their use. Very flexible to tailor course to the needs of the different attendees. An enjoyable and interesting two days; shame it had to end!”

– Peter Ridgway, Solihull

“I didn’t know what to expect, but have thoroughly enjoyed the course, found it very relaxing and informative and it has given me a thirst to learn more.”

– Trish Catton

“A wonderful, magical experience!”

– Christine Jones, Therapist

“I feel I have gained a useful knowledge of crystals, this has opened a whole new area for me to explore. Very relaxed atmosphere – nice to learn about the subject without taking it all too seriously.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

– Susan Barnes, Researcher

“The most useful part of this course was gaining the ability to interpret information I did not even know I was receiving.”

– Pete Ross, Delivery Driver, Parcelforce

“A very good introductory course for crystals, lots of knowledge and hands-on opportunities for working with crystals.  I’ll be back.”

– Diane Mitchell, Angel Therapist

“Interesting, thought provoking, enjoyable…”

– Eric Barnes, Youth Worker

“I will use the massage crystals in work with my friends and family; I now know how to use them effectively.  Also I feel that I find it easier to tune in to the usage of crystals.”

– Maria Dixon, Customer Service

“Fantastic to unite my current knowledge with best practice.  I now have a much clearer idea how to choose, work with & apply crystals in a holistic manner.  Thank you!”

– Paul Beresford, Reiki Master, Learning Mentor, NLP Practitioner

“I will use the insights I have gained every day in my life.”

Katherine Evans, House-wife

“Very beneficial; would certainly pass on relevant information to friends and family, but also will find it very beneficial in using personally.”

– S Turner