Confessions of a New Age Teacher

I ruined her life and now she was back to confront me. The first thing I needed to know was, what happened?

She’d first come to see me a long time ago, but I remembered her: she’d been in an unhappy marriage, but didn’t have the strength to leave. A series of healing sessions and several workshops later, she felt empowered. She was certain of her decision and filled with strength and confidence to go through the messy process of divorce. So what had gone on since then?

She’d come through the divorce feeling euphoric (I remembered her thank you card with news of her delight in her new spiritual path). She’d eventually moved on from my courses to pursue ever more extravagant magical and mystical teachings, each one fuelling her sense of spiritual purpose. I recalled an email from around this time, thanking me for the ‘good grounding’ my courses had given her and describing some of the wonders she was discovering with ‘truly blessed teachers on a spiritual mission.’

I confess my spiritual teachings are rather more down-to-earth and practical.
I should also admit at this point that I have never been invited to tea with the Great High Being, Saint XYZ, the Giant Poojah from the planet Zod, or any other of the Truly Greats you may hear of on an advanced spiritual path.

However, given such wonders, whatever could have happened next, and how did she think I had ruined her life?

She was now in her early 50s and after setting up for a while as a spiritual healer herself, she felt unfulfilled. None of this had satisfied her high hopes and dreams of a magical destiny. Hadn’t I told her to follow a spiritual path?

Yes, by applying the insights you gain and the skills you learn in the real world.

At this point you may be wondering whether I have now finished sharpening my axe. Don’t worry, this is not about you – how could it be? You will be one of the many others who come for therapy or training, gather insights and skills and go out into the world and apply them.

You are, aren’t you?