Intuition : Can you trust yours with your life?

Do you know what will happen if you follow your intuitions? We’ve all had experiences of ‘just knowing’ something and if we paid attention and followed that intuition, we’re always glad and grateful for the results. However the hardest thing to do Continue Reading →

One easy way to open up your spirituality through the places in between

There are other dimensions, which hold the key to developing healing, psychic and shamanic abilities. One good way to connect and open up your own abilities is to focus on the places in between and here’s how: Go for a walk outside Continue Reading →

Welcome to Earth 2020: The Evolution Game

Make friends, explore relationships, experience multi-faceted love, and discover what works in this playground as you play Earth 2020: The Evolution Game. Welcome to our virtual Theme Park: a beautiful blue green place called Planet Earth. Your role is ‘human’ and you Continue Reading →