Hot and stressed in summer? Crystal relaxation can cool, calm and recollect you

We love sunshine and heat in summer, but if you have to live or work in a city it can get too hot and stressful for comfort. Crystals and gemstones look, feel and exude cool, calm and beautiful and you can easily Continue Reading →

Affected by negative energies or psychic attack? Get your mental and emotional energies back under your own control and choose your state of mind

Do you find yourself drained of energy and emotionally exhausted by a negative co worker, friend or family member who you can’t simply avoid? Here is a practical solution that will help you clear and protect yourself from the negative effects. Better Continue Reading →

Crystals help healing and teaching

I am working lots more with crystals again. Why? Because they make everything so much easier for both myself and my course participants, whether we are engaging in healing, other applications of energy work, sensory and psychic skills development or shamanic training. Continue Reading →

Welcome to Earth 2020: The Evolution Game

Make friends, explore relationships, experience multi-faceted love, and discover what works in this playground as you play Earth 2020: The Evolution Game. Welcome to our virtual Theme Park: a beautiful blue green place called Planet Earth. Your role is ‘human’ and you Continue Reading →

Is it time to have a “mid-life crisis”?

Read on to decide and if it is time for a crisis, mid-life or otherwise, embrace the changes and make them positive. Are you surrounded by warm, loving family, friends who are good company and supportive, work or study colleagues who are Continue Reading →