Winter sunrise meditation

This is a good time of year to enjoy a sunrise meditation, since winter dawn occurs at a reasonable hour of the morning.

Watch the sun rise: stand outside, if possible, but standing by your window is good enough. Breathe in the colours, as if your eyes, seeing each band of colour are windows to let the light in to affect your body.

See if you can feel differences in all the shades of yellow, peach, orange and red.

Notice the lightness or density of the air. Do you notice this by colour, or by thickness of fog or clarity of blue sky?

Breathe in, imagining that you are breathing in the freshness of the new day, the colours of the sunrise.

Breathe out, imagining that you are breathing out the darkness, the night, discomforts of sleep and unwanted dream images or nightmares.

Stretch your body and your arms to the sky. Stretch gently, lazily, easily, like a cat, only as far as is comfortable.

As your body stretches and your chest expands, you can breathe deeper and fill the spaces inside with the renewing energies of the new day.

Now, as you stand there, feel as if the rays of coloured light are moving into and through your body.

Bask in the sunlight, even though you do not feel its warmth at this early, wintry hour. Feel the interaction of the colour vibrations with the cells of your body.

Notice how you start to feel more awake and energised. You may be aware of subtle energy vibrations or tingling sensations within your body.

Finally, feel and know that you are receiving the blessing of Spirit. Seeing it, feeling it, perhaps even smelling and tasting these energies. Touched by light, you are ready to move into your day, living in the light.

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