Bus-loads of gifts arriving all at once

The colder it is and the longer the wait, the happier you are when your bus arrives at last; and I never mind when several buses arrive together, that just means that there are more than enough seats for everyone in the queue.

So recently, I enjoyed a flurry of messages from former students who I had not heard from for a long time.  Many of them just wanted to let me know that they were now living the life of their dreams, thanks to putting their training to good use.  If you are thinking of starting a path of training with me, you’ll be interested to know that for most of them it took just 1 to 2 years to create their ideal life.

On the other hand, there are some people who have never fully committed to their training, who are still waiting for the right time, money or life circumstances to make it safe for them to start. I feel so sorry about this, because in life there is rarely a ‘right time’ or circumstances.  A bus comes along, and maybe you are not even sure if it is the right one, but if you jump on you are warm and dry and travelling somewhere and if you don’t, you may be waiting a very long time before another one arrives.