Affected by negative energies or psychic attack? Get your mental and emotional energies back under your own control and choose your state of mind

Do you find yourself drained of energy and emotionally exhausted by a negative co worker, friend or family member who you can’t simply avoid?

Here is a practical solution that will help you clear and protect yourself from the negative effects. Better yet, if you are constantly being affected, you can make this part of your daily cleansing routine. (If your situation is more serious and this doesn’t completely resolve it, please seek further advice).

Natural sea salt is best for this, but, if you don’t have any, any salt will do until you can get some.

  • Add a teaspoon of sea salt to warm bath water and swirl it round to dissolve.
  • Use some in your hand or on a sponge or flannel in a shower.
  • If only have time for a quick wash in a hand basin, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in the basin and rinse your face and arms.

1) Rinse and rub the salt all over while visualising dirt and negative energies washing away. If you use granular sea salt you can scrub yourself gently with the salt and enjoy the benefits of exfoliating dead skin cells at the same time.You can also buy salt scrubs for extra pampering, but simple sea salt works fine.

2) Follow up with hand and body lotion as needed or wanted and apply this in circular motions, imagining smoothing positive energies over and around your body. You can also spend a few moments circling your hands in big movements in the air around you, visualising white, gold or coloured lights surrounding you and creating a bubble of positive energy, with your whole body inside.

3) Finish up by imagining sealing your bubble as a shield to prevent negative words, thoughts and intentions of others from entering. Your golden bubble of positive energy remains open and receptive to a free exchange of positive energies with others. If you like to use positive affirmations you can say or think of these while filling your energy field with positive energies.

Even if you are not affected by anyone particularly negative in your surroundings, this is a good practice for daily use. We are all exposed to negative news, advertising, social media and people  we meet from time to time during our day.

So, get your mental and emotional energies back under your own control and choose your state of mind.