8 Week Courses

Shamanic Dreaming course

Discover the hidden potential of your dreaming and unlock the mysteries of the universe.

Start with the essentials and soon you’ll go on an adventure of dreaming possibilities: dreaming for learning, problem solving and creativity are just some of the useful insights and solutions you can discover through your dreams. Visit the new worlds of lucid dreaming, meeting other forms of consciousness within your dreams and astral travelling to other planes and dimensions. Unlock powerful inner resources of creativity, healing and inspiration.   Read more >

Practical shamanism course

Through Shamanism, enjoy a greater connection with the natural world, to enhance your senses and to learn how to communicate and interact with the world around you in new ways, experiencing yourself as a living part and co-creator of a greater whole.

Open your mind and senses. Develop new kinds of shamanic awareness and psychic abilities to enrich your experience of life. Re-discover your natural human potential, open up new possibilities and evolve new meaning and purpose.   Read more >

Crystal Healing course

Learn how crystals, gems and minerals subtly exercise beneficial effects and how to choose and place the right energies in your environment at work and home, enhancing your activities and wellbeing. Discover how colour affects you and learn how to overcome negative effects of colours in environments you cannot change.

Use crystals, minerals and gemstones for healing yourself and others, helping you care for your pets, plants and to create healing, restful or energizing environments.   Read more >

Tarot Magick course

Begin your journey beyond the mystery – learn the true magick of the Tarot. Tarot cards are most popularly used for divination, though this represents only the smallest fraction of the knowledge embedded in these magical tools.

The Tarot are mystical doorways to other realms, keys to personal transformation and access the building blocks of the Universe. Learn how to work intuitively with the energies of the cards for deep personal insight. Discover how to journey along the hidden paths revealed by the keys of the Tarot, manifest your best future and work magick.   Read more >