4 Week Courses

Reiki Level I

Reiki is the safest and easiest form of energy healing; once you have been attuned to the healing energy and have learned a few straightforward hand positions, you will be able to flow Reiki healing, melting away stresses and enhancing your life.

After this Reiki I course you will be able to give yourself healing and to share Reiki with family, pets and plants. If you want to go on to become a Reiki healing practitioner, you will also need to take Reiki level II. Read more >

Interpreting Your Dreams

If you have a rich dream life, you may have looked up dream symbols, or perhaps read a book about dream interpretation to try to find meaning in your experiences.

Now you can gain deeper insights into the meanings of all of your dreams, as you explore a range of effective psychological, dream analysis and shamanic dreaming approaches. Exploring your own dream material, you will discover hidden meanings and powerful insights, sometimes leading you to take action in your daily life – often with powerful results. Create an understanding that flows effortlessly through your days and nights to enrich your life.   Read more >

Pendulum Power

This course will quickly help you to get started with using a pendulum and gain accurate and valuable information from your dowsing.

Discover your potential to gain insights and answers and to verify information received. Develop a practical understanding of dowsing, learn how to choose and work with pendulums for different purposes and develop reliable dowsing skills. Pendulum dowsing can also be used with maps and charts to obtain indications before going out to the physical locations.   Read more >

Exploring Past Lives

Do you ever feel that you have lived before? Are there are things that affect you in this life, which you cannot explain from your past memories? It could be that events from past lives are still affecting you in this life.

This course will help you to go back in time and explore your past to find answers and insights that will help you to move forward in this life. Your past may hold the keys to healing, understanding and also to reconnect to hidden resources and strengths. Read more >

Shamanic Crystal Divination

This advanced training focuses on divination through combining the clarity and focus of crystalline energies with altered-state shamanic techniques.

Learn scrying, with a variety of methods and tools, so that you can find what fits best and works best for you. As you explore in different ways, you will find yourself more and more able to access streams of information and guidance hidden to most other people. Understanding these and using them judiciously, with wisdom, will come to you with time and practice of these ancient arts.   Read more >

Time Doorways and Inter-dimensional Portals

Transcend time and space, making use of time doorways and inter-dimensional portals to see into, or shift into other frames of place and time.

This advanced course is very specifically about observing and gaining information from other times and places. Learn how to locate a time doorway and shift part of your awareness to another time frame or a different dimension. Once there, you can see, hear and witness the other frame, while remaining safely located in the present day.   Read more >