2012 – Will it all end?

2012 – Will it all end? Or is this a time of great and positive change?

One thing is clear – each and every one of us can do our part to create the positive changes we want to see in the world.

Be the model or good example of what you believe is the right way to live a balanced, healthy, spiritual, emotionally and physically engaged life.

Avoid criticising or judging others – seek your positive change, but frame it in the positive – what benefits these changes would bring, how these would work, how others could join in.

Criticism and judgement of others’ choices, way of life or “wrongdoing” only adds more harm, more negative energy, more bitterness, anger and hate.

Choose to avoid individuals or organisations you do not agree with, by all means. Choose instead to surround yourself with those people, things, activities and organisations that are positive, life-enhancing and enriching for you.

For the rest – seek to be compassionate, to live and let live –

Yes, you may feel you must act to put a stop to injustices, to protect the helpless and preserve them from harm.

By all means stand up for what you believe in and seek to educate and demonstrate through your words and deeds –

But there must come a time when we eradicate anger, hatred and attacks on others – especially just because they are different!

Surely there are ways of framing our principles and beliefs in positive, life-enhancing terms.

Here is the vital distinction:
– bring to light injustices, harmful activities and negative behaviours, together with your ideas for positive improvements or solutions,
– but do not judge another living being. All are doing the best they know how to do and being the best they currently know how to be – respect and accept the spirit within and lead the way to positive change.